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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
  1. redstar
    Hi all,
    I am currently deciding between the Mojo and the Vorzuge Vorzamp Pure 2. Can anyone give me some advice on which to go for? To be used with an AK100.
    Many thanks,
  2. headwhacker
    If you prefer warmth, I am not sure you will like Ether-C with Mojo. It's just lacking a bit in the low mid/mid bass which make it sound neutral. I is not bright as it does sound harsh so it may sound a bit cold to you.
    I usually boost the bass by EQ by around 3dB when I had the Ether-C. If you want warmth check out the DT1770 Pro. 
  3. maxh22

    Go with the Mojo, you won't regrete it. The Mojo will sound significantly better than just amping your AK100.
  4. jlbrach
    actually the mojo sounds great with pretty much any HD as a portable option
  5. JaeYoon
    Well shucks. I sold the Mojo since I got Opus #1. I felt Opus #1 sounded better than Mojo.
    But the buyer wanted a refund and I ended up keeping Mojo.
    sigh. Also original audio store I bought from Audio High has a policy that won't take refunds if the product is opened.
    I don't know what I can use Mojo for honestly.
  6. jmills8
    Get both.
  7. SearchOfSub

    What kind of company takes no returns now this day in age. I understand restocking fee but no return at all? I know i won't be buying from that place...
  8. JaeYoon
    You are lucky. I live in San Jose nearest audio store to me is Audio High.
    Also I reread terms and agreement Even if the product is defective, you cannot get a refund. Sales are final
    Ok I have no choice. Im going to return opus and find something cheap as a transport for my Mojo.
    Maybe Cayin N5 or dx 80

    I might as well make use of mojo. $652 with tax I need to use.

    Its been months Opus still doesnt support Usb out.
  9. howdy
    The FiiO X5ii would be a better choice than the DX80, when you switch songs on the 80 you'll here a pop sound which gets really annoying. It actually does it when the bit rate changes, I have both so I know first hand.
  10. JaeYoon

    Thanks! Looks like ibasso still hasn't fully ironed out DX80 with latest firmware XD
  11. howdy
    Nope. My main use for the DX80 is my iDSD Micro and I IPod touch for the Mojo.
  12. EveTan
    I'm thinking about using the Mojo for its DAC in my Stax setup and I was wondering if there was a possible connection method to link the Mojo and my SRM 252 S which only has RCA inputs. 
    *nvm. Can just use a 3.5mm to RCA 
  13. theveterans
    Use it as your car audio DAC, it makes a nice improvement in PRaT and imaging IMO.
  14. JaeYoon
    Good point!

    I decided to keep Opus. I just discovered the Opus supports Mojo. I need to use a Mini Toslink 3.5mm to optical out. Just bought one :D
  15. noobandroid
    i use fiio with mojo as car audio, makes my blaupunkt shine

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