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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
  1. SearchOfSub

    I still don't know why people do not use good old school backpacks to carry their stuff. (not just audio) It's convinient and plenty of room. Looks fine for both younger and older generations.
  2. rkt31
    @SearchOfSub, I am afraid that is not possible because like any digital device to show up usb connection is must. if at all it is to be made possible via optical both the dac and pc will be needed to follow a new protocol and may be some design changes in hardware too. via optical asynchronous operation is not possible for the same reason. I would say usb connection of mojo is far more versatile. some may find usb connection to be noisy as compared to optical but if a good shielded usb cable is used ( plus some other not so expensive tweaks like adding f) errite choke to USB cable and a audioquest jitterbug ) usb connection can sound more fluid and open than optical.
  3. SearchOfSub

    Ah, I see. Bigger deal than I thought. I am first time PC user for audio so do not have much knowledge on technical side. Thank you for the clarification.
  4. jmills8


  5. onsionsi
    From sound wise what is the difference between two devices? 
  6. sheldaze
    Not easy to describe, and your preferences will be different from mine. Definitely a point where a personal listen is advised.
    I keep my ears open to various technology/technique for digital audio conversion. I've heard:
    1. Arcam irDAC
    2. Audio-GD DAC19 (10th anniversary)
    3. Ayre Codex/QB-9 DSD
    4. Chord Mojo/Hugo
    5. Meridian Explorer/Explorer2/Director/Prime
    6. Metrum Musette/Pavane
    7. Schiit Mimby/Bimby/Gumby/Yggy
    All these I've heard at home, with the exception of the Pavane, which I heard at a meet with my own headphones and on the same equipment as I personally own. But I would not be able to truly describe any of these to you in other than simple terms - treble, bass, soundstage, depth, etc. And to me, that doesn't get at the essence of what makes me like or dislike any of these. And my personal like or dislike is not helpful to the next listener, unless my taste is similar to yours.
    I posted, probably late last year, that I brought my Chord Mojo to a meet, along with my Gumby and a Schiit Fulla. There was a person at that meet who was interested in hearing the Mojo, and he preferred the Gumby. He went further to state he preferred the Fulla to the Mojo. This is not an opinion I share, but it highlights how differently we each hear sound. You really need to give these implementations a listen for yourself.
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  7. Sound Eq
    are there any news on the modules, its been so so so long since getting any news about upcoming modules
  8. Mython Contributor
  9. RPB65
    I have just ordered one of Konstantin's (Lavricables by names on here) for the iPhone / Mojo. I will post back when I get it and try it.
    I am still interested in the upcoming Chord modules for the Mojo / iPhone, however am too impatient so this cable will be tested first! lol.
    I will never know but do wonder, would I have ever bought the ZX2 if I had heard the Mojo first? Hmmm. I shall mentally debate that one.....
    Similarly, I am a sucker for all this hi-res music malarky. I don't think I would be buying much hi-res stuff if I had the Mojo in the earlier days of my step into audiophile gear. I am just glad I found out what music can sound like via these DAPS/DACS. Am loving it.
    Mojo makes CD sound so good as well.
  10. Sound Eq

    hmmm where did i hear the word malarky these days :)
  11. canali
    we love joe, we love joe...heck i'm a canuck..and i even love joe
    jim flaherty was our cdn (Irish) version..he passed away too young but was
    admired equally:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jim_Flaherty
    now back to audio....
  12. discord76
    Guys, I have just bought a Mojo and was wondering if you could recommend the best way to connect it up. I intend to use it in my bedroom for listening to headphones, but am planning on storing my music of a NAS and using a Raspberry Pi as a streamer. How would i go about sending the digital signal from the Pi to the Mojo?
  13. silvrr

    I'm getting some clicks over USB sounds like the Wifi as its only while the Wifi is in heavy use. I don't think I got the stock cable when I bought my mojo so your results may vary.

    The Digi+ from Hifiberry will give you an optical out
  14. Mython Contributor
    Some possibilities:
  15. RPB65
    How did we end up writing about fruit pies? pmsl 
    What? Fruit pies? yummy. Be messy plugging Mojo in to that though.

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