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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
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  1. Mojo ideas

    JF here thought I'd just chime in here the battery is perfectly safe right up to 160 degrees Centigrade we had it made that way and its costs more than other batteries. The case of the mojo when it's charging has to shed about 1. 7 watts of heat it can only do that by radiating it away or convecting it away. If it's in a warm environment or it can't covect its heat away it's temperature will rise until there is a sufficient temperature differential to shed its heat. It's perfectly safe we have three indepentdant thermal temperature safety shut down method in mojo so please don't worry we know what we are doing. Remember a really hot cup of tea is usually only about 60 degrees C.
  2. Watagump
    I had 303, but deleted one the other day, take that Shakira.
  3. Tony1110

    Is it okay to use a 2 Amp charger?
  4. alchemical
    Same as before then. Thanks for confirming, mate.
  5. Tony1110

    I wouldn't worry about the heat. It says on the box that it'll get warm. How long you getting per charge?
  6. Mojo ideas
    Absolulutely fine mojo only takes what it needs
    Tony1110 likes this.
  7. cattlethief
    (thanks for the link to Sys Concepts - they're super responsive!). 

    I will second that they responded within 2 minutes of my email and the cable was dispatched within 30 minutes of payment,they even have a photo of AK120 and mojo on there page,superb!!
  8. soundblast75

    Thats what im about to find out, dont think I've charged it properly yet.my zx100 goes quite fast via the Sony dugital out cable into mojo,gets me thru 7-10 albums in hr ot just flac.
    do you get out the quoted 10 hours or so on mojo?
  9. mscott58

    Will I get blacklisted if I admit one of Taylor Swift's songs is one of my reference tracks for testing gear?

    Also I did have the chance to meet her in person - that was pretty cool!

  10. Haden2866

    For what it's worth, I ordered a silver USB lead from Lavri Cables from eBay and can vouch for them in terms of quality and delivery (to UK).
  11. No KNOTsense

    Which length of cable did you go with?
  12. Duncan Moderator
    seconded, been looking on their website, and can see that this is already one of their 'reference' cable lengths, but - which one? :D
  13. Paul Meakin
    This made me laugh so much that I'm in tears,,, thanks guys, it's the funniest thing I've read in ages.
  14. jlbrach
    astell kern and a whole bunch of cable makers ought to send a check to Chord for all of the additional sales they are going to receive
  15. Watagump
    I have 2 of her songs, blame the Victorias Secret fashion show, for her and a couple of other songs I heard on it.
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