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Chord Hugo - The PORTABLE discussion thread

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by duncan, Jul 25, 2014.
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  1. uzi2

    There is only one version of the Hugo, but there have been some minor modifications along the way...
    Case modified to allow more space around RCA connectors
    Black case available
    Micro USB connectors mounted upside down for extra strength
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  2. phonomat
    There is a later version with more space around the ports so bigger jacks fit in without a problem. Then, in yet another revision, I believe, the micro usb ports were soldered to the top of the unit for more stability. Sound-wise, there are no differences.
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  3. Subhakar
  4. Subhakar
    With phones and tablets, via USB, Hugo does only 16bit/48kHz?! Is it because it was conceived to be desktop rig?
  5. uzi2

    No. It was designed as a portable unit and that is why it has both SD and HD USB inputs. Whilst the SD input is limited to 16bit/48kHz, it does not require any drivers. The HD port can be used with an app such as UAPP to provide up to 384kHz PCM and  DSD128 DoP.
    I think you need to do a bit more research...
  6. Subhakar

  7. RubenV
    Does anyone else experience nasty electronic noise when using the bluetooth wireless connection of the Hugo? I have my Hugo now for almost two years and realy love it, but normally I use it solely with the usb cable plugged in. Today I paired it with my Macbook Pro and experienced this noise (while using Tidal). I use the Hugo together with a pair of Shure SE846's. Could these be to sensitive?
  8. jmills8
    Works great with an Android phone.
  9. RubenV
    With my iPhone 6s I get the same results as with the Macbook Pro, should I blame Apple?
  10. kvik
    Apple BT will transmit using AAC codec as a preference. If the BT receiver doesn't support this, the transmission drops to the lowest common denominator, SBC codec. BT receivers supporting both AAC and aptX are commonly available today, maybe they weren't when Hugo was designed, I don't know. Fact is Hugo doesn't receive AAC, and iOS-devices don't transmit aptX, OSX-devices on the other hand have the (hidden) ability to.


    Chord quotation:

    I am experiencing some high frequency noise / distorting when using bluetooth.

    The iPhone and iPad do not feature the improved Apt-x Bluetooth codec found in many other devices now. (The Macbook and Apple desktops do include Apt-x) This dramtically improves Bluetooth performance. You can purchase the Sennheiser BTD300i Apt-x adapter for iPhone/iPad which will improve performance.


    Moon Audio Quotation:

    Q: Can Chord Hugo connect to Apple via Bluetooth?

    A: Bluetooth connections with the Chord Hugo don’t provide the best sound at this time. The Hugo uses the latest in AptX bluetooth technology. Apple is not using the latest so the combination of Chord’s latest with Apple’s older bluetooth technology produces inferior sound quality. When Apple improves their bluetooth technology we may recommend it for discerning audiophiles. Until Apple upgrades we don’t recommend using bluetooth to connect to your Hugo headphone DAC / amplifier.
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  11. RubenV
    Thanks for the explanation. While I was already aware of the fact that Bluetooth isn't the preferred method of connecting a device, I did not know Apple still used the older codec.
  12. kvik
    According to Wikipedia aptX is the older format of the two. My guess is that Apple doesn't want to pay the aptX licensing fee, when they already have a well-working codec at hand, AAC.

    I have a portable DAC, which in its original version only supported SBC, yet BT on that device was very listenable, also with iDevices. This tells me SBC can be implemented in a better way than what's the case with Hugo. Maybe BT was an afterthought with Hugo, and aptX was thought to be the way ahead, hence little attention was paid to SBC implementation and fall-back scenario.

    Hard to say, who's to blame for the BT mismatch between Hugo and iDevices.

    If you want to try aptX on your Mac, you can open an Apple Developer account and download Bluetooth Explorer. This tool allows you to force OSX to transmit aptX. Instructions can be found online, if you google it.
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  13. RubenV
    Thanks again for your elaboration! Much appreciated! I will have a look at the Dev account (I have one from work if I am not mistaken).
  14. kydu

    Chord Hugo started it all for me. Now I have the 2qute and mojo and could not rave enough about them!
  15. Christer
    What to do when it dies on you?
    I just landed in KL this morning and wanted to listen to some music after a month of work.
    My HUGO just flashes a red light and does not even work when plugged in!!!
    I have an old 15" MBP with  a batttery that has been dead for years, back home but it still works when  plugged in.
    Why the HECK DOESN`T HUGO DO SO too???????
    IS there anyone here who knows if the battery can be replaced in KL or Singapore?
    OR does one have to send one´s HUGO to the UK for replacement?
    I am out travellling for another 5 months at least.
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