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Chord Hugo - The PORTABLE discussion thread

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by duncan, Jul 25, 2014.
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  1. miko64
    Re Hugo: Try the following. Switch it off and let it charge for 3h. Then try switch on, it can be that the drain when switched on is too high for both running and charging
    Hope this helps. ps my went into ko one - but then there were no led at all..
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  2. JaZZ Contributor
    That means the battery is completely discharged. It just needs a few hours of charge to be used again. Note that the Hugo runs on battery, so plugging it in doesn't help in this case.
  3. miketlse
    I think that @JaZZ  and @miko64 are thinking along the right lines.
    The following is from the Mojo thread, but sounds similar to what you are experiencing.
    First, check that your charger is rated for at least 1amp charging current (higher is fine; lower is not). If the charger is not rated high-enough, then Mojos white charging LED will flash, to warn that Mojo will not charge successfully.
    However, if your charger is fine, then it may be that Mojos battery has been discharged more-deeply than usual:
    So switch your hugo off, and leave it to trickle charge overnight, and hopefully that will allow the baattery to recover to the point at which it can recharge normally.
    let us all know how you get on. [​IMG]
  4. Christer

    Thanks all for your advice guys.
    I left it plugged in over night and now it is working again which is good indeed. But for how long I don´t know.
    Is what happened also a sign that the battery is getting old and needs replacing?
    I would hate to be somewhere in a jungle  far from KL or Singapore with HUGO not working again.
    I have contacted Stars Pickers here in KL and they are trying to find out if the battery can be replaced here in KL and at what cost.My warranty is out.
    Tomorrow I am off to Singapore for some concerts and I will inquire with the reps there too.
    Anyway thanks for your advice again guys.
    Cheers Chris
  5. Toolman
    I think it's just a matter of you draining the battery of your Hugo below it's minimum discharge voltage that causes this problem.

    I believe the Li-ion 18650(?) cell inside your Hugo is circuit protected and will not function unless a minimum voltage are achieved (typically 2.7V, and if discharged below 2.4V this will shorten the battery lifespan), therefore it is not advisable to drain the battery down too often. 
  6. miketlse
    We are all human, and occasionally a Hugo or Mojo owner accidently leaves the DAC switched on, when they finish listening to music, and the battery just drains.
    I have done it a couple of times with my Mojo - the next day when I went to play some music, all I got was the red light for a couple of seconds, and then the Mojo shut down.
    Leaving my Mojo to trickle charge for a few hours, returned it to full working order, and I have had no problems since.
    I expect that your battery is still ok, and in the prime of life, but if you do eventually need to replace it, I think @Mojo ideas posted that the cost for a replacement battery is $34, and I think that replacement is just a case of unplug the old battery, and plug in the new battery.
    Presumably your biggest difficulty will be getting your hands on the replacement battery. Airlines will fly lithium batteries, if they are Inside equipment, but don't like flying loose batteries, in case there is a fire risk.
    Maybe your best option, is just to take care of your current battery for the next few months, and only think about a replacement when you return home. 
  7. RubenV
    Does anyone knows if you can use the Chord Poly with the first gen Hugo? Any thoughts on the new Hugo? Will it be a big step up in SQ compared to the first gen Hugo?
  8. musickid
    hi to all,
    i have posted here a copy of a question i submitted on the 2qute thread. the reason being i understand the hugo is also used as a standalone dac and has a 3v output. thanks to all.
    Im using an earmaxpro tube amp. like most amps as i understand it it is designed to accept a 2V line in from a cd player, dac etc. I would love to upgrade my dac from modimultibit to 2qute however i do not have the luxury of auditioning equipment. would i have any issues using 2qute with my earmaxpro which as far as i can tell was designed for a 2V line input or am i making a big deal from nothing here. i am in a state of limbo here not wanting to spend 1k then finding my tube amp can't cope with a 3V in. thanks to all.
  9. JaZZ Contributor
    I have owned an Earmax Pro in the past, but never tried it with a 3 volts DAC. However, the risk of an incompatibility seems low to me, as 2 or 3 volts doesn't make a huge difference. Otherwise you could still switch a voltage-dividing adapter into the signal path.
    There's also an interesting alternative to the 2Cute: Hugo or Hugo², if your wallet allows. You could even sell your EMP to finance it – I can't imagine any headphone that one of the Hugos wouldn't drive better than the EMP. In any event it would provide a more direct signal path with a consequentially purer signal. The only caveat is that the Hugos don't provide galvanic isolation via USB.
  10. FidelityCastro
    Unlikely to be "big step up in SQ". Like everything else in this sector, it's usually incremental (and I know I've been guilty of new toy syndrome on occasion!) when upgrading from one product to its successor.

    I love my Hugo (and it's evil tubey enemy, the ALO CDM). It was the third ever big step up that I experienced with digital portable music (the first being the discovery of FLACs after years of MP3; and the second - best ever step up - being the purchase of top end IEMs and listening to those FLACs, even on an iP6). Everything since - switching over to dedicated DAPs, hunting ever better IEMs and making some great cable upgrades - has tended to be for practical reasons or just wanting to try a new sound; and has yielded relatively small (but still welcome) SQ benefits. Going balanced was probably the best recent improvement, rather than any of the new boxes per se.

    Looking at it that way, the Hugo (and CDM) have been as good or better than anything I've tried since, so huge kudos to Chord (and ALO).

    I will still have a listen to the new Hugo of course - I'm sure it will sound great - I would love a balanced out, despite Chord's view that it's not necessary - and I'll be happy to buy it (and play my little part in keeping them in business and creating more amazing products).
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  11. xiaobao0707
    I do have a question, for source like AK or even Onkyo, which i'm using because it's so easy to use  with Tidal/Spofity, how to  bypass the internal DAC and use Hugo? Line out mode? will that work with Tidal or only their own Music App? Thanks. 
    I now have the new Sony Z1R and feel it needs more juice on the way.
  12. kel77

    Hugo only accepts digital inputs.
    For AK, you can use either Optical or USB out to Hugo.
    For Onkyo, only USB out to Hugo.
  13. xiaobao0707

    Thanks kel77, this information is very useful. I suspect that USB connection will be solid enough for outdoor use. Anyway will definitely give it a try.
  14. RJson
    Hi, I'm a newbie to this forum. I've had my Hugo for nearly a week and am loving it so far. Had it connected to my laptop and to my LG G5 (only by bluetooth but still surprisingly good), using Tidal and feeding B&W P9's. I've currently not got a dedicated DAP.

    Very happy with the laptop set up but looking at options for the portable rig.

    I'm a newbie to head-fi but have extensive experience of Hi-Fi. Given I'm only using the 'transport' side of a DAP, does it really make much of a difference what I go for?

    My original plan was just to use the phone but I'm now looking at dedicated DAP's probably with optical and digital outs with excellent user interface and Tidal support (with download). I've got the Hi-Fi module with the LG G5 and it does a pretty decent job with the P9's (they are very easy to drive) so for those occasions I don't want to take the Hugo it's an acceptable set up.

    Can anyone recommend DAP's up to say £500, £750 absolute max? I imagine I'd have to spend that much before seeing an improvement on my LG G5 (with module) ultra portable set up but is there any point spending more? A CD 'transport' is as important as the DAC. How about the transport section of a DAP, beyond the requirements for digital and optical out?

    That brings a dilemma of course. Should I forgo the DAP for now and get the Hugo 2 instead?

    I've not managed to successfully connect my LG G5 to the Hugo by USB as I've not got the right OTG cable. It's USB type 'C' micro. Have other's managed to?

    Any thoughts, feedback and advice will be very welcome and much appreciated.
  15. mathi8vadhanan
    If you like the G5, just get this cable.

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