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Chord Electronics Qutest DAC - Official Thread

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  1. Joe-Siow
    The topic of cabling is very polarizing. Personally I buy the cable argument as I have had the opportunity to try a few of Chris' Black Cat cables and clearly hear the differences in my own setup
    Ultimately I would say buy whatever you can afford or am comfortable with, be it $5 or $5000 cables
    So long you are happy with your purchases, that is all that matters
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  2. betula
    We were talking about $30-60.000 cables. That's way too much even for a $200.000 system. I do believe cables bring subtle differences, but IMO they shouldn't worth more than 10% of all your system. $60.000 cables also bring up ethical questions in my eyes.
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  3. Triode User
    Some people spend up to £1m on their audio systems. I heard about one guy who spent that and then never even switched it on, it was just a status thing. More money than sense? maybe but for him £1m probably doesn't even make a dent in his bank account and if rich people spend their money then at least it keeps it in circulation and helps economies instead of just leaving it in the bank.
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  4. Joe-Siow
    I have a friend who is on full loom Nordost Odin 2 cables. Value and price notwithstanding, we were stunned by the improvement from just a pair of RCA cables. It was truly a jaw meet floor moment
    Also, the question of ethics is really debatable since it's a simple matter of economics; if there's demand there will be supply in the market.
  5. Zzt231gr
    So,should we upgrade cables instead of buying better equipment?

    What more has a very expensive interconnect offer than Belden's 1694A?
  6. Joe-Siow
    You say that without knowing the equipment he is on so perhaps you're missing the point entirely?
    Anyway I've learnt from my years in the hobby that everything matters in the audio chain; from equipment to power to cabling to accessories
    So these days I keep an open mind to everyrhing
  7. OctavianH
    Speaking of cables and USB cables in particular, I wonder if anyone using a PC as a source tried to use a PCI-ex USB3.0 card instead of a normal USB3.0 port on the motherboard to connect the Qutest. I mean, all try to filter and reclock using different devices, but it would be good to know if a dedicated USB card makes a difference.
  8. Arniesb
    It might improve things. Doesnt matter how good dac is. Good source is important.
  9. MagnusH
    I don't have the Qutest, I have the new (excellent) RME ADI-2 DAC, but as you I also play directly from computer. In my case and with my DAC I found toslink to be the best option (I use a Lifatec toslink cable), and since Chord DACs also have excellent jitter suppression I would guess its the same for you.

    Yes, you lose out on some higher sample rates, but its not like those matters much. 192Khz and DSD64 (DoP) is enough for me at least, and toslink gives 100% galvanic isolation from the electronic chaos that is a typical desktop computer.
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  10. OctavianH
    Unfortunately on TOSLINK I have a Cambridge Audio CXC and I do not want to remove it.
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  11. MagnusH
    Then I would use a streamer/transport between, like the cheap Allo USBridge or maybe the new Pro-Ject Stream Box S2 Ultra
  12. Gibson59
    Roon/Qobuz (Mac mini) -> optical cable -> Qutest DAC -> Wells Milo amp -> Lazuli Reference cable -> HEKse + Hans Zimmer (hi-res) = Audio Nirvana!!!

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  13. Gibson59
    I’m finding that Qutest via optical and HEKse have amazing synergy.
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  14. betula
    I am finding that Qutest has amazing synergy with anything I plug it into.
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  15. TSAVAlan
    It most certainly does. Recently the Qutest has been a bit more popular than usual from what I have been seeing.
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