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Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by magiccabbage, May 14, 2015.
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  1. iDesign
    Macbook Pro
  2. miketlse
    I should have included the criteria that I would prefer a windows solution.
    Both my existing laptop and PC are already windows based, so I don't want to have to learn another operating system if I can help it. [​IMG]
  3. Torq
    The best Windows laptop I ever owned, back when I still used Windows for my personal systems, was a Mac Book Pro.
    It runs fine on it, either dual-booted, via virtualization or even as the sole OS.
    An expensive solution, compared to the myriad cheaply made pure-Windows laptops available for sure, but it'll run Windows just fine.
  4. AndrewOld
    Rob, thanks for your answer. If the power supply on your laptop is only 2 pin, ie it is not connected to ground, does that mean that it shouldn't make any difference whether the laptop is run from the power supply or from batteries, because there is no ground connection in either case?  
  5. Beolab

    I do not have any grounding issues, because of the department i live in is built 1880 , so we do not have any grounding in the building at all :wink:

    So it should not be any difference if i run with or without battery on my laptop then.
  6. LouisArmstrong
    Hi Rob Watts. Great stuff there. How would you compare your product with dCS Vivaldi?  
  7. lovethatsound
    Come on louis,you really don't expect Rob Watts to reply to that sort of question.:confused:
  8. LouisArmstrong

    You never know dude... You never know...  He may just reply... 
  9. Rob Watts
    No even if ground is not connected, the ground loop becomes the mains loop - so coupling is via the neutral wire on PSU on lap-top and PSU on Dave. So there is no benefit by having no ground connection. And an isolation transformer has a lot of coupling capacitance so that won't solve it either.
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  10. LouisArmstrong
    So Rob did answer the question. Just not mine [​IMG]
  11. AndrewOld

    Thanks Rob. Is it enough to turn my laptop off at the mains, or does it need to be physically disconnected to avoid potential RF issues?
  12. miketlse
    I think that most equipment manufacturers dislike publicly commenting on competitors products. There is no point them accidentally generating business for libel lawyers.
  13. analogmusic
    Rob Watts does not comment on competitor products. 
  14. rkt31
    consider yourself rather fortunate that the brain behind revolutionary products like Hugo, mojo and dave is himself answering and attending the queries so regularly. nobody other does that as far as I know. I termed these products revolutionary because in future you may see the technology trickling to other products like TVs , ht systems and much more. :)
    audionewbi likes this.
  15. LouisArmstrong
    Nice. Really nice.
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