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Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by magiccabbage, May 14, 2015.
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  1. Rob Watts
    I would not be concerned about blocking some of the holes. But putting something on top of the holes and chassis that is not thermally conducting will of course reduce Dave's ability to dissipate heat away.
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  2. mtoc
    hello, is the incoming digital power amp also has excellent low distortion?
  3. Rob Watts
    Yes that's the intention - actually Dave's output stage and second order noise shaper topology came from the digital power amp. You can think of it as a more powerful version of Dave.
    Dave's ultra low distortion is a product of the pulse array DAC, the second order noise shaper, the output stage, and the power supply. The digital power amp is the same except for the power supply.
    I need to come up with a better name than digital power amp as it sounds like Class D, and the actual output is linear (non switching).
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  4. mtoc
    Thanks Rob, Dave is not using ASRC, right?
  5. Christer
    I  am also asking the same question as you.
    At first we were told that DAVE was immune to any interferences and now   during the past couple of months there have been reports of clear  improvements with different add ons and plugin´s and connections which we were initiallly  told  would not make any audible dfferences at all, to the SQ of DAVE.
    And now it seems even Rob Watts himself recommends using a 40 bucks or so,add on, Audioquest Jitterbug with DAVE!  if you run your laptop plugged in.
    I  quickly heard  less sibilance and thinness from my HUGO  when using it  and my laptop on battery.
    That´s the way I´ve  mostly used it since I discovered that it sounds best that way more than two years ago. 
    Back home in my stereo Hugo  has given me more problems than pleasure and doesn´t even work at all, that way any longer.
    All it produces when connected to my stereo amp now is loud, very loud hum!
    And more often than not it also sounded thin and sibilant, before shutting down completely.
    I am currently using a properly galvanically isolated Benchmark DAC 2HGC in my system and it is good enough SQ wise to let me hear that  problems I have with SQ and certain  recordings are faults of the particular recordings,not the DAC.
    And it sounds the same round the clock with no  differences with my macbook pro connected to the wall or running on battery.
    It seems immune indeed.
    I was very  impressed by DAVE via headphones . But not even now with the Pound down would I buy one at such stratospheric pricing and still in need it seems of tweaks and  add ons.
    Though I have to admit that I might be tempted to buy a Chord DAC  if they bring on a properly isolated and shielded! portable DAVE SQ  DAC at a price point around Mojo´s.
    And of course! A portable DAC that also works equally well connected to a stereo system via speakers.
  6. lovethatsound
    I think you'll have a very long wait.
  7. yellowblue
    I myself have heard the Dave with  labtop, Sonicorbiter, uRendu and uRendu with MCRU power supply. And with every step I could hear discernable differences. It was not night and day but I am quiet sure that I could detect the improvements in a blind test.
    So the statement that the Dave is immune to different sources seems to be proven wrong - not only by me. It was one of the main reasons for me to buy the Dave not needing to think about the sources anymore (and get some more peace of mind). Should I be irritated about this?
    I choose to be not. Because hearing the Dave with my labtop already exceeded my expectations. And I could have lived with that solution never regretting to have bought the Dave. We all are quiet lucky that there is a solution with the uRendu that is quiet a bargain at its price making the Dave sounding in a way I never thought was possible for a DAC. 
    But anyway Chord should stop the "immune-to-sources" argument in future advertising.
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  8. paul79
    You really cannot be upset about sensitivity to the source. There is no way around this IME. The fact that the DAVE is less affected by the source should make you very happy, actually   :)
  9. shuttlepod

    I am of the same mind as yellowblue. Like everyone else, I thought/wished that DAVE was immune to just about any source. But do Rob and Chord deserve criticism for the fact that some sources and devices improve the sound quality? I think not. As far as I know, Chord is not advertising the DAVE as immune to all sources. Even if they are/were, DAVE is such a big step up from any other dac that I have heard that I'm very happy listening to it on my noisy laptop with a cheap USB cable. Now, that doesn't mean I will be ignoring the benefits of a microRendu with quality power supply, or other things that might improve DAVE. As yellowblue points out, the microRendu, even with a quality power supply, is relatively inexpensive by audiophile standards. And as Paul79 points out, DAVE is much more immune to sources, cables, tweaks, etc. than any other dac I am aware of. 
    Yes, I suppose DAVE is priced stratospherically (though significantly less than some of the competition). In my opinion, it performs stratospherically.
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  10. Mython Contributor
    Speaking of microRendu, I notice there's one FS, in the classifieds
  11. Mython Contributor
    I don't recall Rob claiming DAVE to be 'immune to sources' - I just recall him claiming it to be 'immune' to jitter.
    Here's a thread-search (this thread) for the term 'immune', by 'Rob Watts':
  12. theveterans
    But jitterbug is pretty much the jitter fix, so that contradicts his statement.
  13. romaz
    The "Jitterbug" name is misleading.  According to AudioQuest, their Jitterbug is a "USB Data and Power Noise Filter." 
  14. iDesign

    AudioQuest does state, "Measurably reduces jitter and packet errors" and there has been a lot written here on the subject: 
    1. http://www.whatsbestforum.com/showthread.php?18580-Science-Thread-Review-of-Audioquest-Jitterbug-and-Uptone-Regen-USB-Conditioners
    2. http://www.whatsbestforum.com/showthread.php?18311-AQ-Jitterbug-Measurements
    I have used the Jitterbug with my 15" MacBook Pro and even used it with my iPhone 6S and iPad Mini 4 but have heard no audible difference. In fact the only benefit of the Jitterbug is that it flexes and reduces the stress on the USB port and the high end USB cables I own. In fact, I dropped my MacBook Pro and the JitterBug took the brunt of the impact saving the cable and the laptop.  
  15. romaz
    I see this now.  I have a couple of Jitterbugs myself and have benefited from them in some things although this doesn't mean the jitter reducing properties of the Jitterbug apply to the DAVE.
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