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Chord Electronics - Blu Mk. 2 - The Official Thread

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by ChordElectronics, Jan 5, 2017.
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  1. marcmccalmont
    Well I only get home to listen to live music once a month so 2,592,000 second wait for un digitized and only 11 seconds for digitized not bad! I's even accept 60 seconds
  2. Sonic77
    Blu MkII.jpg

    The Eagle has landed.
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  3. Jawed
    That would imply about 60 seconds of delay when hitting play.

    In the end, if such a tap count is worthwhile, it would only be practical if the file was processed before listening. In theory it's possible to process an entire file in less than real time. The constraint Rob has with a DAC is that it accepts a stream of digital data - it can't read the entire file, upsample it in its entirety, then play it to you. The DAC has to wait for the samples to arrive!

    A streaming product which reads files directly, on the other hand, would be able to do this.

    There is then a related problem: When you listen to a piece of music, the sound quality will change over the first minute, and change again as the final minute plays. Within a minute of either the start or finish of the music, there's less samples for the upsampler to use.

    Now playing: Laurie Anderson - Let X = X
  4. Sonic77
    Guitars sound bleeping real!
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  5. rayl
    Your math is better than mine (I misread 10MM instead of 100MM)!

    But here's a crazy thought that's useful even with the current latency for 1MM taps... It's a bit pie-in-sky, but at the level of economics, it's not totally crazy.

    SSDs and RAM are both cheap. We can maintain a local cache and when the same bits are restreamed, we can already guess the future (and fall back to a shorter filter if the stream starts mismatching what's in cache). With things like Shazam, we already have good music fingerprinting algos....

    This can also reduce the latency with the current 1+MM taps.
  6. onsionsi
    It seems you are not regretting to reorder Blu2
  7. Jawed
    Guitars eh? These sound lovely:

    Though I admit the lipsync off YouTube with Blu 2 is probably annoying!
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  8. Sonic77
    No, but I waited a long time, too long, Chord needs to expand their manufacturing to meet demand in a timely manner, invest in equipment.
  9. Triode User
    Ah, but the Morgan sports cars were always very careful not to quite meet demand and thereby have a wait list.
  10. Sonic77
    The wait was worth it, the detail retrieval and the depth and seperation of the instruments is just killer.
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  11. onsionsi
    Anyway, congratulations @Sonic77

    But did you use the stock BNC cables or after market cables?

    And may I know what is your source and did you use a headphones or speakers system?
  12. Christer
    And I have five of his Direct cut LP masterings.Double copies of some. Already in the late 70s it was very obvious they were very special.
    I doubt even DAVE/BLU2 can beat those in all respects.
    Last edited: Nov 10, 2017
  13. Rob Watts
    My vinyl only ever sounded superlative with Doug Sax's direct cut discs; indeed listening to one as a teenager on a high-end system got me into this hobby.

    And I was fortunate to meet him at the Mastering Lab and spend a day listening to him mastering recordings. A memory I will treasure for the rest of my life.

    And yes - IMHO - Blu Dave can easily beat the vinyl direct cut - it for sure does not sound like vinyl - but it sounds very much closer to the sound of un-amplified acoustic music. And that is what this is supposed to be about.
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  14. Christer
    Hmm, do I spot a bit of irony here?
    Or are you serious?
    I would argue against your statement that "a typical symphony has 120 dB dynamic range".
    Copland's third symphony last night might possibly qualify and some Shostakovich. But most "typical classical period symphonies" do not.

    I must add that one of the reasons I still value good analogue very highly in spite of its many known and measurable limitations is that at its best it is NOT as bandwidth limited as most digital is.

    I suspect bandwidth limitation is one of the reasons rbcd does not sound as realistic as the best of analogue.
    Although I have very limited knowledge regarding digital theory ,judging from what I keep hearing live, as recently as last night at a live concert in Singapore not even BLU2/DAVE with 1 M taps seems to be enough.

    Better than standard rbcd? Oh YES, vastly so.But as good as the best of direct cut LPs or 24/96 or higher hi res digital? Not really.
    Regarding your anechoic chamber quote I have not been in one for speakers. But I practice Yoga since many years and in a completely isolated meditation pyramid you can hear your own pulse and heartbeat easily.

    One of my constant problems trying to evaluate SQ in most showroom situations are that they are almost always WAY TOO NOISY.
    Dynamic range is NOT as so often wrongly assumed about maximum "bang for the buck", but about being able to hear well into the lowest possible signal levels without external or internal interferences.
    The two main culprits being ambient surrounding noise and the noise levels of the DAC/ amp /speakers/headphones.
    Cheers Christer
    Last edited: Nov 10, 2017
  15. Christer
    Hmm, I experienced something like that yesterday with HUGO 2 when against Rob's recommendations I still experimented a bit with maxium software upsampling engaged with Audirvana.
    I enjoy being a bit naughty.
    It took four -five times as long for my MBP to load tracks at 32/768 than loading the native resolution tracks which loaded into ram play almost instantly.
    Last edited: Nov 10, 2017
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