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Choosing between the Meze 99 Classics and the DT770

  1. sauronmordor756
    Hi I need help choosing between the Meze 99 Classics and the DT770. I listen to Hamilton and other classical/hip music. Which one would be better for vocals and treble? Which one is better well rounded?

    Thanks so much for helping
  2. Kevin Brown
    Dang, I'm looking at these two as well. No feedback though.
  3. JediMa70
    Ok that's so simple.. Meze classics! I owned them both but you can't either compare them.
    Meze are better about bass, mids and highs, they are low ohm and so you can use with anything, they are more light and better built, they are smaller. I sold dt770 and i use very often my meze that i simply love
    Both of them are not the best for the kind of music you want to listen, but becasue of better mids and highs again Meze classics are better.
    For what you want to listen I would advice AKG K712pro
    Last edited: Nov 1, 2018
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  4. Kevin Brown
    K712 Pro, cool. I have the K553 Pro's now, and like them a lot, but I think they could use a little more low end.
  5. JediMa70
    712 pro are amazing for Classic music, they have the same fantastic soundstage for K702 with more bass. Meze are closed ones and with a complete different sound, i own them both and i love them
  6. Kevin Brown
    Ahhh, the K712's are open back. These are for an office environment. :triportsad:
  7. buke9
    For me between the two 99 Classics.
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  8. JediMa70
    Well that's clearly a "no go" in my opinion open back are the best for classical music that's why I mentioned AKG. Meze classics are fantastic headphones it's hard not to fall in love for them
  9. Kevin Brown
    The strong bass of the Meze's has me pausing there.

    I want a little V-shape, a little bit "fun" vs flat/accurate, but it's hard to tell how the Classics are in that regard. The DT770 Pro 80 ohm also seems to be that way, whereas the 250's or 600 ohm models might be a little more up my alley.
  10. Elecroestatico
    Once I bought a very used pair of dt770, everything looked genuine (drivers cabling etc) I'm big fan of beyerdynamic but I didn't like them, they hit hard and too dry and in general the sound was dry and mid highs and top highs a bit piercing. I have heard the meze for like 5 minutes in audio show and I liked them better, the sound is warm and more rounded but with good bite. A bit rolled off on the highs but the mids feel more sweeter and soundstage cant recall well but is also more piercing cold and focused on the 770's and more bloomed, expanded and warm in the meze's.

    both are great for comfort, the beyers more comfortable and maybe lighter. Can't remember if they had microphonic problems.

    I know there is a cheaper build of the same meze 99 made out of plastic cups vs meze with wood cups and other few differences. Wood ones are more $ and people say they sound a bit better but cant comment on that, just something to look for if you r buying.

    Edit: My dt 770's was the 32ohm version. There are 2 other versions: 250 and 600ohm.
    Last edited: Nov 5, 2018
  11. Kevin Brown
    There are actually 4 versions of the DT 880's: 32, 80, 250, and the older (harder to find) 600's. (I don't think you can get the 600's new any longer though.) The 80's definitely have more low end, but I've seen that the others, the 32, 250, and 600, all have more or less the same sound signature.

    I have the DT 880 250ohm model. At first I loved them, but over time they got harder to listen to, because of their piercing treble. So that is definitely a concern for the 770's! I like what you say about the Meze's though. I just need to somehow satisfy myself that the low end won't be too overwhelming.

    How did you find the lows/mids of the Meze's vs the 770's?
  12. JediMa70
    I used DT 770 80 oHm bass are close to the meze, but mids are very recessed and highs miss of detail so to listen classical music they are really not ok.
  13. Mhog55
    The question is, can you find a pair of Classics with the original pads ....
  14. BananaOoyoo
    99 Classics for me too. (Or you could save a bit and grab the 99 Noir on Massdrop)
  15. Elecroestatico
    I heard good things about the nighthawk carbon headphone, same price as meze, might be worth taking a look at them.

    Yes there are 4 models of the beyers 770 and also a less popular model that people used to talk good things about for classical music, the dt 660 less limited in power, too neutral, and a bass that is more lean and weak but more precise in reproduction of low notes, they also look like a cheap toy but I mention them because i remember many reviwes talking about classic music with these and they are also closed back at 32ohms.

    about the bass meze vs 770 I have to say i was not impress as is not the most detailed and texured bass I have heard but beyer sells the dt 770 as headphones for drummers and I can tell thats why they sound dry and hit like hammer, not in a really bad way but I guess they tuned a bit here so drummers can hear better precision on percussion. I also feel that the mids are a bit dry and recessed on the 770.
    The meze has a more forgiving and relaxed bass, more rounded but again nothing super articulate or speedy.

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