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Chinese earthquake wasn't too kind to Darkvoice factory

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by mazuki, May 22, 2008.
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  1. Mazuki
  2. Dominat0r
    omg...and i just sold my DV...i hope they are ok.

    All those lovely amps =(

    I hope they come back soon, loved my DV amp for a long time. Went to another loving home.

    Bless all the people over there right now.
  3. TheMarchingMule Contributor
    Dear God, that was a gruesome sight to behold! I hope they recover swiftly and smoothly. [​IMG]
  4. batmanwcm
    Wow, there were a lot of tubes on the floor. Hopefully everyone is ok.
  5. riceboy
    Hope everyone at DV are alright. My thoughts and prayers go out to the victims of the earthquake.
  6. cooperpwc
    Wishing DV and everyone in Sichuan and other affected areas the best.
  7. nor_spoon Contributor
    So sad [​IMG]

    Hope it turns out good in the end for those affected.
  8. djork
    sigh... most importantly now they're all fine.
  9. ephrank
    I urge everyone to donate to the Red Cross to help the survivors of the great earthquake. $1 isn't too little, $1 million isn't too much!
  10. spookygonk
    Glad everyone at DV is OK, but oh those poor little amps and valves...
  11. TSi
    hope everyone is well, and DV can come back up from this. (if only if i had money, id get a dv)
  12. bOUddha
    They should be fine, once a new building is found in which to set up operations...looks to be mostly mess clean up, rather than actual damage to products or equipment.
  13. ZephyrSapphire
    Hope everything's fine. But as what bOUddha said, doesn't look like there would be any fatalities aside from dead amps and tubes.
  14. braillediver Contributor
    I hope everyone is OK. Everything else can be fixed or replaced but it's the people who matter now.

  15. ZephyrSapphire
    Gah don't make a mourning thread into a flame thread please and thank you. Anyone can choose whoever they wish to send their best wishes to. Geez. If you don't like people sending their wishes to specific people, hold your tongue and keep it to yourself.
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