Chinese / Asian Brand Info Thread (Portable Headphones and IEMs)

  1. djmakemynight
    I would love to recommend the UiiSii CM5 but it will go above 20 if I am not wrong. They have really lush bass. I am using them for EDM and hip hop. The sound signature is very unique from what I own so far.
  2. Ducsidu
    Thanks to you both, I'll read up on these decide on one soon.
    Slater, I am sure I'm closer to the generic Joe, than to an audiophile, so most of these would be a good choice for me, I am just trying to get value for my money :D
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  3. ivo001
    You could consider the Xiaomi Piston V3 maybe.
    I always liked the packaging and remote on those, and from what I remember they have decent bass.
    Altough with every Piston I had, 1 side of the cable broke anywhere between 5-15 months of usage.
  4. Ducsidu
    I have a Piston 3 as a backup, so I'll be using it for a while now. They are not bad, but I liked the MEMT X5 much more, especially the fit.
  5. Slater
    True, I sometimes forget what they sounded like before putting on KZ Starline tips. With Starlines they are a different animal - plenty of hard hitting bass.

    Thanks for mentioning that - I edited my post and clarified that.
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  6. Slater
    Yeah, the X5 is an extremely comfortable IEM. It's going to be hard to beat in that respect.
  7. Slater
    You got it friend.

    Also, I'll second the UiiSii CM5. It's comfortable, looks great, and sounds great. For $20 (usually black is the cheapest), it's a lot of bang for the buck - definitely an upgrade to the 1st gen MEMT X5.

    Here's a more in-depth summary of the CM5:

    It's tip-dependent as well, and I got significantly better fit and upgraded sound with KZ Starline tips than the included stock tips. If you don't already have Starline tips, they can be bought for under $1 on Aliexpress.

    Good luck, and let us know what you end up with!
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  8. chi-fi mel
    I just removed the spinfits from my EMI CI-880 Hybrid and replaced them with Starlines, with poor results. I've tried a long list of tips on the EMI CI-880 Hybrid and none have resulted in satisfactory bass.
  9. loomisjohnson
    two other bargains i'd look at for a bassy phone would be the boarseman kr49 and the senzer h1 (which are a giveaway for $9.99 on amazon).
  10. Ducsidu
    The CM5 looks good from your summary, yeah. I've got a lot of KZ Starline tips, I am using them with my Piston 3 as well.
    Thanks again, I'll do my research on all these great recommendations.

    Unfortunately, Amazon doesn't ship to my country, or it is very expensive, so the Senzer is out, but the KR49 seems good, thanks!
  11. toddy0191

    I wear mine up inserted deep with the starlines and have to agree with @Slater that the bass is definitely there.

    I also have them on my CM5s too which are amazing value.

    I'm finding it hard to choose which of my recent earphone purchases to listen to out of the CM5s ZS6s or the B100s as they're all great in their own niche.
  12. Slater
    Yup, deep insertion and proper seal is the key to unlocking the awesome bass of EMI CI-880 Hybrid.

    That’s why I like the Starlines. They fit my ears perfectly, and grip tightly.
  13. Vin$ent
    What do you do when the nozzle is so big that it hits the opening of your ear canal and you simply can't get deep enough fit with regular tips? Small triple or dual flange or a spinfit twin blade? Regular spinfits help with the seal but for me they take away too much from mids, treble and reduce the size of the soundstage considerably.

    My T2's are lacking almost all of the low end because of poor fit caused by the 5,5mm wide, straight, short nozzle. Also need to bump up the volume way higher than with any of my other iems. IT01 has the same 5,5mm width but thankfully the different angle allows me to get a proper seal with starlines, still need to fiddle with them from time to time if I'm moving around, though.

    I wish all of them had the Tennmak Pro/Shure style fit :rolling_eyes:
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  14. HungryPanda
    I tend to use triple flanges in such cases
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  15. SilverLodestar
    That is very true, the Fidue are extremely easy to drive, but I’m looking for a DAC so I can possibly get either the Final Audio Heaven II or VI, which I’ve read are both very source dependent.

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