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Chinese / Asian Brand Info Thread (On or Over Ear Headphones)

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by slowpickr, Oct 5, 2016.
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  1. peter123
    LOL! That's not my experience at all, quite different sounding imo so that's a surprising comment.....

    Have you heard them yourself?
  2. Markolav
    No, one reviewer just said that 325 is not much different than the cheaper models. :beyersmile:


  3. peter123
  4. Cruelhand Luke
    In the case of a sudden onset of Cerebral Edema I personally recommend one simply reach for the Akai 50X, a headphone clearly designed for people with catastrophic Cerebral Edema.
    Unless you are already a bit melon-headed and the Akai fit you fine, in which case, yeah, do the thing with the re-adjusting the screws and whatnot...
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  5. Humblepie
    For what it's worth, Zeos has said that most of the Grado models all sound very similar to each other. He basically says don't get anything but an SR60E if you just "want" a Grado. If you really like Grado though, then he says go for what you want to afford basically.
  6. HungryPanda
    From SR60 to SR325 the build quality improves from plastic to metal and sound changes but I like SR80, and SR325 (the original) over the SR325e
  7. peter123
    Reason number 10 for me to stay away from his videos :wink:
  8. Pharmaboy
    Joe Grado, RIP (Grado Labs) made my favorite moving magnet cartridges. Years ago I owned a Grado tonearm--an amazingly good & wonderful-looking device.

    But I just can't bring myself to listen to his headphones. Too many people describe them as bright--and the comfort looks iffy w/many of them.

    This is my only audio prejudice...honest!

  9. Markolav
    Its subjective after all, some people claim that they taste the difference between light and dark roasted coffee, others dont notice any difference. On the other hand some people are just trying to pass over the fact that their equipment worth of hundreds/thousands dont do anything better than their cheaper alternatives.
    Last edited: May 3, 2018
  10. trellus
    Maybe, but sometimes there is also the opposite desire that can also bias someone - the desire to be that cool person who found the amazing budget alternative to the pricier competition, so one can convince himself that his budget purchase really is as good or better than the more expensive gear. :)
  11. Markolav
    Youre totally right, sir. :)
  12. Roderick
    I have only Limited experience with Grado but in my opinion as a brand they have become outdated and thus overpriced. For a long time sr60 was propably best you could get for $100. not for a long Time now. When I got takstar hi2050 many years ago I auditioned sr60i and and it was obvious that a 100 and 150 euro Grado was a Bad deal compared to 25e takstar.

    Recently I owned and quite quickly sold rs2e. It was good headphone but had Bad Synergy with My Gear. I also could not get over The fact that this 699€ headphone still has The same non detachable rubber hose as a cord as lower end end models. Same plastic hinges too. Sound was not on par with the high Price tag either.

    Once I auditioned gs1000e and to my memory it wasn't that big of an upgrade over rs2e. I compared gs1000e to cheaper alternatives they had and I preferred beyerdynamic T1 and stax sr404 over grados. Stax+amp combo was cheaper than gs1000e.

    I feel that all grados are overpriced and none are good enough in their price ranges. Not in America and definately not with crazy EU prices. If they would lower the price about 30% and start offering detachable cables and more luxurious materials for atleast for their top products...then maybe I could consider their products again. Many diy grados are gorgeous with metal gimbals etc...
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  13. groucho69
    I think someone should release an over ear with huge muff called Cerebral Edema. I'd buy it.
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  14. Pharmaboy
    it's only fair to point out that "cerebral edema":
    • may require drilling a hole in your head to relieve pressure
    (note: some have the hole pre-drilled at birth)
    • and differs from "cerebral enema" by a single letter...
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  15. Humblepie
    I resemble that melon head! My Akai 50x fit me perfectly fine once I adjust them out a bit.


    Last edited: May 3, 2018
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