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Chinese / Asian Brand Info Thread (On or Over Ear Headphones)

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by slowpickr, Oct 5, 2016.
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  1. Slater
    Glad you liked the mod!

    You summed it up exactly though - "It moved the sound from almost intolerable to something I could listen to if I had to".

    I have no clue who at Bluedio tuned that T3 driver to begin with. How on earth they thought the bass was OK like that was beyond me. Must have been this guy:


    The clamp force can easily be adjusted by bending the headband slightly. It's a padded metal strip, so just band it and you can adjust it from vice-like death grip to loosey-goosey (or anywhere in between).

    As far as the pads, I agree they are meh. Too big to be on ears, and too small to be over ears. They are juuust large enough to be annoying hot spot magnets. Bluedio finally woke up, and installed larger pads on the T5 (93mm). Luckily, I found a way to install 90mm or 93mm pads using a totally reversible and non-destructive method (5 mins). They are INFINITELY more comfy now. If you're interested, I can post the details. I was thinking about creating a dedicated Bluedio thread, as I have done tons of mods to the various T3 and T4s I own (graphene driver swaps, open mods, larger pad mods, stock driver mods, Bluetooth conversion, etc).
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  2. Slater
    ugly headphones 5.jpg
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  3. maxxevv
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  4. trellus
    Yeah, but I ain't paying that price. :) They were on Massdrop a couple of weeks ago or so for $499 and I didn't even pay that. Actually, no one did... so I doubt they will be back on Massdrop.
    This price is a little closer to reality, but still too much..

  5. maxxevv
    Agreed on the pricing part.

    Even at this ebay pricing, I still have to wonder if they stack up better than the newer Hifiman Sundara, which I have auditioned. Which were excellent in certain areas but not that great in others, mainly the vocals.
  6. Markolav
    Good news, my Msur N350 arrived today. :)


    Im not going into details about the sound yet, i havent test them enough.

    They are much lighter and smaller in size than i thought, about the same size as my Takstar Pro 82. Mainly made of wood and metal except headband which seems to be plastic. Pretty solid build quality in overall. BUT... i noticed that one side of the headbands seems to be broken from the bottom. I cant rotate the earcup holder at all and its almost stuck in place and it does look like its starting to break away. Its not swinging or loose or anything but it still looks and feels suspicious. I already contacted the seller about it, lets see what happens.

    Comfort is surprisingly good for an on-ear headphone. Earcup is oval shaped rather than round which probably helps and it covers my ears quite well. Clamping force is light. Someone said in the Msur-topic that they dont isolate but i have to disagree, when i start playing music on moderate or even slightly higher volume and press the earcups together sound leakage is very minimal. Those little holes dont seem to leak any sound, i dont know whats the purpose of them. Its very hard to hear whats happening around me while listening.

    Ill come back later to give some thoughts about the sound.
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  7. Markolav
    I think i have listened enough to write something. My right ear is a bit clogged from a flu but i were still able to hear enough. To this day Pro 82 has been my favourite chi-fi-headphones but i think they have competitor now...

    Im pretty impressed by their sound. If i have to describe it with two words i would say something like "lively" and "intense". Intense in a way that i have to take breaks after listening for a while (not a bad thing). Pretty flat sounding to me, perhaps slightly warmer/colored than completely neutral. Very clear but not overly bright. The amount of details they reveal is amazing, i were able to find some new tiny details and nuances from songs that i have listened thousand times. I listened to several genres including my favourites like rock/metal, folk, and electronics and also other genres like classical, jazz and hip hop (although im not a biggest fan of them).

    They are not as heavy in bass as i expected them to be. There is plenty of it but its not on a basshead-level imo. I listened to some EDM and hip hop and bass sounded pleasantly punchy and tight and can go also pretty low, there is decent sub bass-feeling. At the same time if youre switching to something less bass-oriented stuff it will calm down too. Its not boomy or muddy at all, very natural sounding and controlled.

    Midrange is my favourite part of the sound (im a midrange-fan). Mids are quite forward but not overly aggressive or shouty (at least to me). Vocal clarity- and timbre is stunning on these, easily one of the best sounding vocals ive heard on any closed headphone, they sound just so realistic and lively. There is some sibilance in the vocals but it shows up only from time to time. Guitar-oriented stuff like metal, rock and acoustics really shines with these, riffs and leads sound very clear without any muddiness or distortion.

    Treble extends very well on these but the downside is that it can sometimes reach the borderline of fatiguing. Its not sharp or piercing but sometimes it just starts to feel heavy and tiring on the ears (sometimes upper mids have the same problem). Fortunately there is not much sibilance.

    Soundstage is not obviously super wide but just enough that music is not playing completely inside my head. Sound seperation is also pretty good. In certain songs i heard voices that sounded almost like someone is right behind me.

    So far so good. Im waiting my ear to pop completely open and then i listen some more. First impressions are so good that im probably going to keep these, good alternative to Pro 82 when they sound too "clinical" to match my mood.

    Im planning to write a full review. I can recommend these to midrange-lovers who are not afraid of a bit heavier bass.
    Last edited: May 4, 2018
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  8. Cruelhand Luke
    Oh don't get me wrong, I too am glad the melon headed amongst us have a good under $50 closed can available to them.....I tried to give them to my girlfriend (normal headed) and she said, "no thanks, I never wear a beanie with a puff ball on top." ....but yeah, if my brain ever swells up all of a sudden, and I need some satisfying bass....Akai Fiddy-X, for real.
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  9. Saoshyant
    I could wear a football helmet and enjoy my Fiddy X
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  10. Cruelhand Luke
    Ok...in all fairness to the 50X...they are a very tall headphone, so they only really fit me when I wear a baseball cap. (strike one) Which makes them a portable headphone for me...but they don't have a mic/remote on the cable (strike two) And I already have a modded set of Sony Mdr 7506 (removable cable, Fidelio L2 pads) that do all those things and I like the way they sound and fit better. (strike three)
    so....what do I do with them?
  11. Saoshyant
  12. Cruelhand Luke
    I live in California ...I only know people with beautiful, normal heads...there is a horse in the neighborhood, do horses like hip hop?
  13. Saoshyant
    I meant a literal hippo at a zoo, and I suspect horses would get spooked by hiphop.
  14. Cruelhand Luke
    Oh...we don't have a zoo here...just a giant rock out in the bay...people come from all over to see our big ole rock. But no hippos.
    I suppose you're right about the horses and hip hop....
    I think I need to get a Dremel and open up the backs and order a cable with a mic for them...I heard the v-moda fits....oh! and I'll need to buy some of that cool metal screen I saw at the hardware store ...
  15. Slater
    For the headband, you can buy those crochet looking fabric headband covers. Or even the zippered or snap-on headband covers meant for Beredynamic and Bose cans. That would add enough padding to not require the hat.


    Heck, you could even make a padded sheepskin leather cover like I made for my SHL3300 (very easy to make):

    Before headband (stock):

    After headband:
    5.jpg gIkXrOs.jpg

    The headband is just one of those $1 peel and stick universal ones (I think originally made for some Sennheiser model). Then the whole thing was wrapped with a scrap of sheepskin leather taken from a sheepskin coat I got at the thrift store for $8. I secured the underside edge with a small strip of adhesive-backed Velcro, so no sewing was needed. I got the idea from those snap on covers in fact. It's basically the same design, just Velcro instead of snaps/zipper.

    As far as the 50X cable, you can replace the recessed stock locking cable BS with a shiny new 'normal' 3.5mm jack (flush mounted). Then you'd be able to use any cable you want (including one with mic)...

    Last edited: May 4, 2018
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