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Chinese / Asian Brand IEM Info Thread

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  1. ekjn
    Does anyone have both the KZ ZS3 and the 4in1's? How do they compare, especially in soundstage? 
  2. ChickenButcher
    While there are plenty of reviews out already, I want to say that the 1more triple drivers are amazing! I actually read a review of them yesterday on the front page, then later saw them in HMV. Immediately bought them home after! Been listening to them non stop last night and today.
  3. fonkepala

    I'll be interested to know this as well.
  4. AudioNewbi3
    Ah okay okay. That makes sense. Cheers!
  5. Vidal
    How much were they in HMV, I was in the Metrocentre store yesterday and didn't see them?
  6. Vishal
    Also I want to see here is how the Turbo T7 stands against the DZ7 as both are similar priced and have same configuration. This would be one heck of a versus.

    Happy listening.
  7. vapman
    Any ultra cheap DACs in here worth using?
    I got an Asura 2.0 2.5mm trrs a couple days ago, but Is till dont' have anything to use with blanced Monk/Monk plus...
  8. kimD
    New one from AK store
    MaGaosi Hybrid In Ear Earphone 2BA with 1DD HIFI Bass Metal In Ear Headset
    Look what I found on AliExpress
  9. Ewen
    Looks like a Trinity Atlas Delta with an additional BA.
  10. kimD

    Bingo.. That was I wanna sound too
  11. ChickenButcher

    Hi Vidal, I got them in a Hong Kong HMV :D

    Is it me or these hybrid look awfully like Trinity Atlas from Trinity Audio?
    Vidal likes this.
  12. kimD

    Quite similar look like.. but never compare exactly.
    We can't tell they can copycat from Trinity.
    Just like Shure is made from China, that's why got many fake in the markets
  13. Podster

    So this is just how I hear these two and simply put the soundstage for me is close but the 4in1 is a much brighter sounding unit than the ZS3 which has a warmer relaxed presentation. I think some refer to that as V shaped but I just find them to work with more genre's across the board where as the 4in1 can be more picky to what you play. IMO both great especially for price but very different signatures.
    ekjn likes this.
  14. Majin
    Would you place them in the same tier in the budget realm?
  15. Ahmad313
    I always use my debit card for shopping on AliEx and never face any problems. 
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