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Chinese / Asian Brand IEM Info Thread

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  1. romeyp

    ​Nice catch! The wooden ones look the best.
  2. boblauer
    No worries and yes thanks to Ewen. Me being value conscience, read thrifty, I was thrilled I could use a std 2 pin but on second thought should  use the angled connector one. It's $10 bucks so no big deal just the wait on the proverbial slow boat. 
  3. purplesun

    At the low price point, small size and a plethora of features, I am setting my sound quality expectation squarely in the "above average" zone. As long as it is noticeable better than my old Sony Z3 Compact, I will be happy. I think the quoted low power output is a good indication that it won't be competing with the big boys. But as a do anything, go anywhere DAP this will probably be it until the next one.
  4. yangian
    Looking forward to your impresison!
  5. Verasayshi

    Sounds like I will prefer the Dolphin's more! Fitting is extremely important for me (which is why I still love my StageDivers)!

    Hey but anyway, thanks for all the help! Looking forward to your reviews :)
  6. RedJohn456

    If you love female vocals you are gonna love the Dolphins :) 
    I fell asleep last night listening to the dolphins out of my X7. I was listening to the Very Best of Jane Monheit and Norah Jones - The fall and I literally got shivers down my spine with how the Dolphin renders and recreates the atmosphere in the recordings. The vocals are so sweet and addicting I can't get enough of it!
  7. Vishal
    Guys I am very much confused between the dolphins and turbo T7. First I decided to buy dolphins but now I am also inclined towards T7.
    A brief comparison would help.
    As far I know dolphins has sweet mids and treble with huge soundstage and T7 is more neutral sounding and of course has more low end because of additional dd.
    Appreciate your help.

    Happy listening.
  8. vapman
    Has anyone else bougt Seahf EG009 yet? For a Nov 2015 relese i am surprised it does not have more recognition despite 90 Aliexpress order and know wnows how many Taobao orders.
    Those are some damn good IEMs if you like stage, relaxed preble, and a lack fo mids.
  9. AudioNewbi3
    Where did you get your impressions for the Turbo Ear T7?
  10. Passenger11
    Months ago I opened an account on Aliexpress to purchase a pair of IEMs, only to find out at checkout they wouldn't accept my Mastercard debit card... 
    The seller I tried to make the purchase with was kind enough to add the earphones to his Amazon account to accommodate me.
    Would someone please tell me if they use their debit card to make purchases on Aliexpress, or is a credit card required? 
  11. Pastapipo
    I used a Visa debitcard a while back without problems.
  12. Lurk650

    Only use my debit
  13. Vishal

    From taobao reviews. :)
  14. Shawn71

    CC is not a mandatory and so I use my debit card.....
  15. Yobster69
    Hi Vishal. Where have you read about the T7's as I'm interested in them? I have asked the seller to post a frequency graph on the site and they said they would, so just waiting.
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