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Chesky Records makes a high-rez album for Head-Fi'ers--in binaural!

Discussion in 'Music' started by jude, Apr 19, 2011.
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  1. JamesMcProgger
    I drop them an email letting them know my problems downloading the album, today they replied and I had a conversation with a man in HDTracks, he replied my mails faster than I could replied his.
    After a few mails, to my surprise, he send me direct links for every track in the album, and leave my account open to see if we fix the problem later.
    superb customer services. I'll listen to this album tonight.
  2. comperic2003


    I think this comment is an insult to the programming technicians.
  3. JamesMcProgger


    yeah, but they had it coming. lol- I really disliked the download method. fortunately their CS was superb.
  4. nc8000 Contributor

    LOL, well played

    But it really is as half the time it simply does not work. The music on the cd is technically high quality craftmanship even if one does not like it as music
  5. MrScary


    Its a folley stage
  6. tattoou2


  7. nnotis
    This album is absolutely fantastic.  My LCD-2s have never sounded so lifelike.
    I am, however, extremely skeptical that quadrupling the sample rate of what is needed to reproduce the highest audible frequency adds any value.  Wouldn't 88.2 more than cover the problem of high frequency roll off by converters going both ways?
  8. MrScary

    You can't hear it anyway the human ear cannot discern the difference
  9. Sid-Fi
    I thought the Amber Rubarth's was an awesome example of great music using the new technology. I loved it. I enjoyed this one too as a demo, but like others, don't rotate it in much at all.
  10. Bobdoblo
    Lets be honest here.
    It is not some minor miracle as it is being "sold" as.
    At best with eyes shut it sounds like the instruments are just behind the ears.
    All its done is move the sound behind you but still in your head or a couple of centimetres from it.

    Don't get me wrong, lovely sounding album but its not equal to the hype.
  11. MB2sHs9N
    Aside from the cut "Stank" I found the Chesky binaural Lenny White album musically disappointing.  It's a drummer's album.  The sound quality is great but I would recommend sampling it at HDTracks before buying.  If it were CD I would sell it.  My subjective judgement FWIW.
  12. Cirric
    I tried to order from HDTracks but is said "Album not available". Ordered a copy from Amazon (Prime) in CD format. Can't wait! Just hope the binaural comes through from a CD.
  13. koppsach
    ordered from Germany, download wasnt a thing. i am happy so far
  14. joespride
    Ok I have believed that it would be impossible to simulate a sound stage with headphones, I've always found headphones to be constrictive in that regard, everything inside your head not out front
    Chesky Records just Freaked me out with one of there Binaural albums (Explorations in space and time, track 3, War)  some percussion started out at left ear and went around my head but sounded like it was 6 feet out in front of me[​IMG].  I had to get my wife to listen to make sure i wasn't alone in hearing this
    If you get a chance you gotta check this album / track out.  its awesome [​IMG] 
  15. tattoou2
    Have to agree.  This track in particular is a lot of fun.
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