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Cayin N6ii, Unlimited Possibilities: a fully modularized smart DAP

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  1. jmills8
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  2. cathee
    Looks pretty promising tbh. I was a big fan of the sound from the N5ii/N5iiS, be eager to hear this guy against my iBassos
  3. chungjun
    N6ii vs DX220 (stock amp) - would be an interesting comparison... shortlisted these for potential next purchase. Hoping local retailers will have these two together for demo soon. Anyone had a chance to hear and compare these two? Would love to read your findings / impressions...
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  4. gazzington
    Have you had a listen on it yet?
  5. jmills8
    Not out yet.
  6. PhilW
    I have and I love it personally. More musical than similarly priced astell
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  7. gazzington
    How does it compare to the n8?
  8. maira
    I have the Feeling i might like this Player. But i have to try it of course... bit of a problem is the price point (for me)....no interchangeable parts would have made it lighter, smaller and a tad cheaper....
  9. PhilW
    on SS it's pretty close in sound. Obviously the inherent sound the tubes can't be replicated without tubes. But I loved the n6ii personally and benefits from android too.
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  10. Nayparm
    i like the look of this, snappy too, same soc as hiby r6/pro i believe. nicer screen than n8.
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  11. jmills8
    Wonder if they can put a dual dac set up aswell.
  12. gazzington
    This dap looks awesome.
    PhilW likes this.
  13. weexisttocease
  14. jmills8
  15. weexisttocease
    Translation with Kiwi browser.

    Cayin N6ii DAP
    I have introduced Cayin N6ii before, so I hope you will find the following articles helpful.

    Spring Headphone Festival 2019 Report 1 Ca
    Amahikas is. I went to spring Headphone festival 2019. This year was held on Saturday, April 27 and Sunday, April 28. I couldn't go in the fall.

    It is basically the successor of the company's N6 DAP, but I have also adopted the functionality of the i5 DAP that I use in the main, it can also be used as an Android terminal. Compared to the N6, the design is like an Android smartphone and there is no image of N6.
    Let's recap the specifications of N6ii.

    • MCU: Snapdragon 425
    • OS: Customized Android 8.1
    • Memory: 4GB
    • Storage: 64GB + microSD card slot × 1
    • Google Play: Pre-install
    • Display: 4.2 inch 768 × 1280 (IPS)
    • USB: Type-C
    • Wi-Fi: 2.4 G/5G
    • Bluetooth: V4.2, Compatible codec (SBC, AAC, aptX, LDAC)
    • Output pin: 3.5 mm and 4.4 mm balance (and line out), 3.5 mm line-out
    • Other Terminal: I2S terminal
    • Weight: 290g
    • Size: 121x70x21mm
    • Audio motherboard: A01 (DAC: AK4497EQ, AMP: OPA1622× 4)
    I wrote in the article that I mentioned earlier, but the specification is personally perfect at the moment. Google Play Support, Android 8.1, is particularly good per Memory 4GB. USB Type-C is nowadays as a matter of course, 4.4 mm balance, aptX and LDAC compatible, as well as an Android device enough specs and everything I want. Especially, Google Play correspondence is a personal necessity, and I am thankful.
    Recently, DAP (digital audio player) because there are many requests that you want to use the streaming app, I have devised and also to be able to install only streaming apps and companies, In my case, I want to use the Sync app with iTunes rather than streaming app, so how much can I use the streaming app is hard to buy. That said, this N6ii is a product that swung the UI to the Android OS side to take the plunge. It is a hard place personally that the product of such a concept does not necessarily come out persistently.

    I mentioned earlier about Android OS and Google Play, but the N6ii URI is "audio motherboard". Since the audio motherboard is equipped with a DAC as well as an amplifier, the DAC and the amplifier are interchangeable. Originally released A01 is included in the standard, but the A02 bundle model will be released when a new audio motherboard is released. Even if the sound of A01 does not suit one's liking now, the possibility of liking it spreads by replacing the audio motherboard.

    I think it is a little more compact and light if you want to say greed. I borrowed the N8 DAP for about two weeks and tried to use it, but I was worried about thickness and weight. Not only the portability but also the operability is deteriorated. N6ii is as heavy as N8 (the weight of the N8 is 380g and N6ii is not 290g), but the thickness is the same 21mm. This time, I would like to try out how I feel when I actually use it outside.

    Audition Environment
    This time, I did the audition in the following environment.

    Equipment used for Audition
    I used the following equipment to audition.

    The main use is DT 1770 PRO which would be the best combination. When I used it outside, I used N5005 and RK01.
    The N6ii DAP setting has a middle gain and an equalizer disabled. Because there are a lot of choices about a digital filter, I summarized it below.

    Digital filter settings
    The digital filter can be selected from the following seven. There is no invalid setting.

    • Sharp Roll-off – Traditional sound
    • Slow Roll-off – Traditional tone
    • Short Delay Sharp Roll-off – acoustic sound
    • Short Delay Slow Roll-off – acoustic tone
    • Super Sharp Roll-off
    • Super Slow Roll-off – Natural tone
    • Low Dispersion Short Delay – harmonic sound
    Please refer to Asahi Kasei's website for more information on DAC AK4497EQ.

    If you look at the Asahi Kasei site, you can see how each setting sounds like "traditional sound" and "natural tone", but even if you listen to the sound, you could not understand the feature well (laughs)
    And Asahi Kasei's site has only six choices. The N6ii "Super Sharp Roll-off" may have been added later.

    Cayin I5 DAP with ak4490 also has this digital filter setting. In the case of the i5, I did not feel much difference in the degree that a high sensitivity earphone (IEM) would make a difference. In N6ii, you can feel the difference even with headphones.
    Cayin i5 has used "Super Slow Roll-off", so I tried it from "Super Slow Roll-off" in N6ii, but it didn't fit me very much. As a result of experimenting with various, "Low Dispersion Short Delay" because it was the most favorite this article is the main impression heard in the "Low Dispersion Short Delay".

    Listen songs
    The audio source is Apple Lossless (ALAC), which is mainly imported from CDS.
    Sometimes I listen to the 96kHz/24bit source of FLAC in HF Player.
    Please refer here about the tune and the listening to use for the audition.

    audio source is Apple Lossless (ALAC), which is mainly imported from CDS.
    Sometimes I listen to the 96kHz/24bit source of FLAC in HF Player.
    Please refer here about the tune and the listening to use for the audition.

    Sound Impressions
    DT 1770 PRO
    First of all, I write from the impression in DT 1770 PRO. The volume was heard from 67 to 86, with a maximum value of 100. There are many songs I listened to around 78.

    Rio Rush/Fourplay
    The balance of the band is still noticeable with a sense of weight in the middle area. The high and low frequencies are often heard from the top to the bottom. It is the same impression that the sound sounds in the place near the ear when I listened to the headphone festival. However, because I changed the digital filter, I always listen to i5 and OPUS #3に近づきました.
    The cymbal sound at the beginning is very fine and the resolution height is #3より上と感じます i5 or OPUS. Cymbals are not only fine but also sound. The bass sound is sharp, but it tends to feel a lot of weight and is warm. Personally, I prefer to be a little more neat and tight. The attack sound of the drum is the same and softness is conspicuous than sharpness.
    It is a warm, smooth and easy-to-listen sound, but has a high sense of speed. The OPUS #3に比べても遜色ないです the i5 and the sense of speed is lost when only this is warm.

    Bisso Baba/Bob James
    The sound of the piano is good. I can express a little touch of the performer well. It is also good to understand the difference between the strength of the attack sound, but the good in particular is how it disappears. It leaves the finish clean to the extent that it does not feel the excessive directing.
    I felt it was too wet when I heard it before, but it is approaching a tendency to crispy thanks to the change of a digital filter.

    At The End Of The Day/Les Miserables
    Not only the sound of the orchestra and the chorus are well separated, but also power can be expressed well. About the force is a little too much. There is a sense that each instrument is looming in front of the eyes with tremendous momentum. Personally, I want to listen more calmly.
    The high-frequency is open-minded and does not feel cramped. The lows are often deep. Because it is a song with a lot of information, the volume is easier to listen.

    Flesh and The Power It Holds/Death
    This song also has a lot of information, but each instrument is well separated and can be divided into finely heard sounds. I feel the resolution is quite high.
    I admire the good of violent expression comparatively to hear it considerably finely. The sense of speed often comes out and the dash is transmitted well.
    I felt a little too pretty about the distortion of the guitar. I want to express a little more distortion. The clear tone sounded very well and the hysterical atmosphere of the guitar solo came out very well.

    Master of Puppets/Metallica
    In this song, I feel that the roughness of the sound source is concealed well. It is not possible to lose power even if each instrument is well separated. I feel that the amount of the medium is just right for this song.

    Crush/Kelly Sweet
    It is very expressive of vocal lips and tongue usage. I feel that the place where a slight sticking is sounded properly. It is a favorable impression that the amount of information of this sound is sounded to plenty. You can feel the depth and depth of the sound source.
    The cymbal in the middle part is beautiful, too. This part is very little to listen to cleanly.

    Rangers/A Fine Frenzy
    In this song, I feel the closeness of the sound more strongly. I prefer to settle down a little more. The cymbal sound is too fine to be a little natural.
    The bass sound is rolling and can be expressed well. I think that it is good if there is a little more sharp, but this is wrapped in a gentle only this, I think that it is this.

    Days of Wonder (Original Mix)/M6
    This kind of tune goes very well because it has a wide band, high resolution, and a sense of the medium. Percussion and sound effects are lightly sounded on the weight of the bass and the drum. I feel that the way to leave the afterglow also helped to give the atmosphere.

    The Brain Dance/Animal as Leaders
    You can hear the sound of the guitar at the beginning. I understand the finger use of the performer well. The attack sound of the drum is heavy and is nimble, and the intention of the drummer is understood well.
    Each sound is fine, but it is also good to be able to listen smoothly overall. Moreover, the sound field is felt very wide as for this tune as the sound source. I prefer to play with depth in particular.

    DT 1990 PRO
    It is the impression heard in DT 1990 PRO followed. The volume was often heard at around 84.
    And the digital filter is more "Slow Roll-off" than "Low Dispersion Short Delay". The "Low Dispersion Short Delay" feels that the high range is too clear, but "Slow Roll-off" is a more natural sound.

    1990 has less weight in the mid-range than 1770, so the 1990 compatibility is better.
    There is only an open type, and in 1990, it becomes an even more open sound overall. In addition, because the omission is good, the taste of the dark was not anxious very much.
    I was able to hear the "Bisso Baba" and "Rio Rush" with a more favorite sound because it became a more refreshing way of ringing.

    However, the roughness of the sound source is likely to come out in 1990. I feel that the combination with 1770 is better concealed. I personally feel the roughness of the sound source as it is, so I prefer the 1990. I feel that both the i5 and OPUS #3の場合は, 1770 and 1990 are good for each, but I like the N6ii in 1990.

    As in 1990, compatibility with N5005 is also very good.
    N5005 is a little too much bandwidth to say, the resolution is high. I was surprised at the feeling that N6ii delivered the amount of information to the ear. It is an impression that it demonstrates the potential further by combining the N6ii upstream. And, the N6II is supplemented well in the place where the insistence of the middle region is less. It's similar to the 1990 relationship.
    The genre was matched by the prog and fusion which used the band more widely than the rock and the metal system. It was very easy for acoustic to sound the subtleties of the instrument.
    Listened at volume 59 to 67.

    RK01 listened on the balance connection. The cable is replaced with ORB Clear force Ultimate.
    When you listen to the RK01 in the balance, the sound field spreads more than usual Buri the enhancement of the middle range stands out. There is a problem of preference, but in my case, it is an impression of one now because the depth is no longer felt near the ear.
    I felt that it became a cheerful, cheerful sound in general. I prefer to be a little more calm.
    I listened to the imbalance because it was so much trouble, but it was a sound of my liking in a refreshing sense of hearing. Depending on the song, I prefer the imbalance roughly.
    It was fit to any genre because it is a way of sounding the honor student on the whole. This is the strength of RK01, but conversely, there is no genre that was good to protrude.
    The volume is Low Gain and I listened from 59 to 67.
    Compared to n5005, the compatibility with N6ii is not so good, it #3のほうが良かったです i5 and OPUS.

    I wrote about sound and design. Let's summarize each impression.

    Design and size
    The design is elegant and chic and I like it. It is regrettable that there is thickness, but I think that there is no way to think about the audio motherboard function and battery.

    I felt the basic performance was extremely high. The high resolution and the amount of information are among the best digital audio players I've heard in the last few years. In my main use, I was particularly good with 1990 and N5005 . These two products N6ii a large amount of information to send out, and I thought that it is better than the i5 and OPUS #3 of DAP that I use in Maine. 1770 and RK01 are #3のほうが好みです opus because of the large amount of mids. However, it was better than the impression when I listened at the headphone festival . I think there is also a familiarity, but it is big to have changed the digital filter.

    The sound trend is warm and wet overall. My favorite point in Cayin's sound is the overall dry sound as a crispy, but N6ii feel that the trend has changed a bit. The tendency to crispy was not felt so much even if it listened thoroughly. Especially, it is a high frequency. The middle and the low range is good even in the wet, but because the high-frequency is preferred as a crispy, I feel that the basic performance is different from the taste even if I think it is expensive. This is the same impression that I felt by listening to QP2R and PLENUE L.

    When I listened to the N8 , I wanted the n6ii to get the sound of the transistor mode of the N8. The trend is similar to the sound of the transistor mode of the N8 as long as the N6II is listened carefully though the N8 and the N6ii are not compared by side. I felt that the N8 had been realized to the nearest place. Only one point, and feel that there is a difference, N8 I felt that the sound is clear from the screen is excellent and black calm background, N6ii did not feel so black.
    Even so, it was not so obvious that the N8 was better than the N6ii, and I felt that N6ii was more about resolving power. N8 is a good idea to listen to music comfortably N6ii is the impression that the separation is good and the resolution is high information volume.

    The balance of the band is a little large in the middle area. I think that it is near the flat, and the sense of hearing becomes clear when the insistence of the middle region is modest a little more, and it approaches liking.

    It is compatible with other equipment that I own, but MEZE 99 Classics was just one. It did not fit with the N6II because it was 99 Classics of the Taste of the dark in the low-frequency near. Pinnacle P1 was not bad, but I felt the ability shortage by all means in combination with N5005 and RK01. It is the impression that the amount of information cannot be processed and becomes coarse.

    The prequel is over. In the latter part, I write about usability.
    Please also refer to the following article.

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