Cayin N5 DAP - Product Info (Post #2), Resources (Post #3) and Discussion
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  Are these official photos?

There could be a few minor cosmetic tweaks, but according to Cayin - this is as official as it gets

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  Are these official photos?

Yes, I received the same photos from Cayin direct. Product info updated in post #2 of the thread:
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Is it just me or does the N5 look like the Hidizs AP100?
Mmm... personally not the biggest fan of the looks but we'll see how it sounds!
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Waiting to see an update to post #3......... :wink_face:
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Looks like some of the Hifiman players to me (HM-802, HM-901), minus their volume adjuster at the top.

that was the other thing I was thinking of. With a very AK-esque back side.
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Not too fussy about looks. Just worried that the ridges near the screen might collect dust. While I like smooth backs, I won't complain if the design allows for a bigger battery! 
A friend remarked that the N6 put him off since it looked like a "front loading washing machine". I quite liked it though! If the balanced output can help retain the N6's sense of space I'd be thrilled!

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