1. hakushondaimao

    Cayin N5 DAP - Product Info (Post #2), Resources (Post #3) and Discussion

    Little birds began twittering several months ago about a possible little brother for the highly respected Cayin N6.   Having reviewed the N6 but not yet pulled the trigger on a purchase, the idea of a smaller, scaled down Cayin DAP excited me. I'm on the road a lot, so I'm always on the...
  2. Cayin N5 DSD Lossless Music Player

    Cayin N5 DSD Lossless Music Player

    This is Cayin's second entry to the DAP market, available by August 2015. Taking advantage of the success of N6, Cayin has packaged high quality sound performance and lot of power into a compact and sleek design. With 2xTF card as storage and multiple output options such as 3.5mm headphone...