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  1. pippen99
    As a former LC and current Lau owner I want to wish Alex a wonderful retirement. Alex has done so much for this community. Best Wishes.
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  2. Andykong
    Alex, family always come first, our loss is their gain, I am sure your family will enjoy your time with them, and you'll enjoy your retirement, well, maybe after some adjustments. :grin:
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  3. ahmadfaizadnan

    I spent a little time owning the cavalli amp but enough to make me fall in love with the cavalli sound. Thank you for letting us enjoy your talent and love. Enjoy your retirement and have a good life ahead :grin:
  4. sahmen
    A Liquid Carbon first batch owner here, who is sad to hear this news, not just because, having been full "converted" by the LC, I was looking forward to acquiring a more advanced Cavalli amp in the league of the LAU or Crimson as a possible endgame amp, but I have got to learn about Alex, and what a wonderful person and asset to the Audiophile community he is...

    Of course, the personal reasons he has listed should have priority over everything else, and I wish him both kudos, for what seems to have been an excellent pioneering career in audio, and more happiness and joyful fulfillments in the years that lie ahead.

    Now to address my own selfish interests though, I really hope Massdrop would license a LAU or Liquid Crimson from Alex, as it has done for the LC, and continue to produce its own versions of those for the community, again, as it has done with the Liquid Carbon... If that sounds selfish on my part--and I completely admit it might -- I am also wondering what could be possibly wrong with such a proposition, if you think about it...?

    To me they are both two first-rate HP amps within their own leagues, and they both deserve to have their production lives extended for a little longer, if that can be helped, so that they can spread their joy to even more enthusiasts in the community. If Massdrop can indeed pull this off, with the cooperation of Alex, then I really think it might almost be a disservice to themselves and to the community not to take the opportunity..., and to allow the production of such wonderful amps to simply vanish into the ether... Besides, it will be another way of honoring and prolonging the Cavalli legacy, which is well-deserved.

    In short: Dear Alex, I wish you would be open to the idea if/when the folks from Massdrop come calling...

    In the meantime, and once, again, good luck, all the best, and enjoy the new phase you're now entering.
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  5. thompsontechs
    I was rather shocked to hear this, I don't know you and understand your reasons, but it's a true loss to the community.

    Be well Alex!

  6. audionewbi
    A goodbye to you, but I am certain we will see your products around, you can't just get rid of the itch to keep releasing new designs.
  7. penmarker
    What about those amps with the "lifetime warranty" tho.
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  8. Lurker0918
    best wishes for the future!
  9. bearFNF Contributor
    Like the man said, with the closing all warranties will expire.

  10. purk Contributor
    I wish him a happy retirement but this is hardly fair to his customers. It will not be cheap to get of any of those amp serviced. Glad I didn't keep the LC or buy the LAu.
  11. penmarker
    That was more of a rhetorical question.

    Here's to hoping nobody damages their first run LC.
  12. oneguy

    Thank you for all you have done for the community. Your absence will be truly missed.
  13. kubig123
    I'm a lucky owner of a LC, a beautiful piece of art, thank you for everything you have done and created.

    Enjoy your grandchildren.
  14. Vynil
    Näyttökuva 2017-10-17 kello 19.50.28.png Well... I must say i'm shocked and disapointed to read Alexes announcement.
    For two years i have been waiting for any info on Liquid Spark. Eagerly looking for any news on this forum and any audio meet topics. Asking around on e-mail from people who previously have been in contact with me on this matter only to find out they don't work with Cavalli Audio anymore. Not being interested only becouse i was promised a freebie, but genuinely being interested in good audio reproduction and looking for a good headphone amp to replace my old one. I feel i have wasted two years on this matter.
    Family maters and personal reasons may be heavy, but this leaves me with a really bad taste in mouth with this company disapearing like a fart in the desert.


    Mikko Liira
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  15. TomSix

    Thanks for setting a bar for quality headphone amplification which has endured for years. Your designs, IMO, had largely become the standard benchmark by which other HP amps have been judged. Indeed, my personal encounter with your excellent Liquid-Fire amp at '32 Ohm Audio' of Portland OR back in 2011 was the key inspiration for my own HP amplifier design pursuit which culminated in development of the ALO Studio-Six :wink:

    In terms of reproduction quality, build quality, user interface and aesthetic design you set very high standards -- a tough act to follow. I sincerely regret the news of your departure from the industry, and yes, I was looking forward to seeing your Liquid Tungsten enter the market.

    I do, however, fully appreciate your stated personal reasons for withdrawal. Time is the one thing we will always have in finite supply, and love of family is of value beyond measure.

    But hey, Alex.... If you should have the opportunity to reenter the market at some point, on a smaller scale and with less time investment, with perhaps only the Tungsten --I can imagine you would be greeted by a great number of smiling Head-Fi faces:smile_phones:

    All the best, and very sincere warmest regards

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