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  1. austinpop

    My best wishes for this next chapter of your life. Enjoy your grandchildren and your retirement.

    As a happy Liquid Gold owner, I want to thank you for making products that enriched my life, and countless others' lives.

    I hope you stay in touch with head-fi, even in retirement, and I look forward to (maybe?) seeing you at a future CanJam!
  2. austinpop
  3. Priaptor
    Yes, I believe that assumption to be the case.
  4. musicman59
    The best of luck Alex!
    I am going to miss our chats at the shows. Hope to see you as a fellow attendee in the future!
  5. sampsonite
    Best wishes and future enjoyment with your family and your retirement.
    My Liquid Gold, Liquid Glass and the first LC batch will be even more precious to me.
  6. boblauer
    Just hearing this. Alex best of luck in retirement. Makes my LC that much more precious to me. Hope to see you at shows, always enjoyed the candid conversations no matter the subject.
  7. phase0
    Best wishes Alex! You made some great stuff. Sad to hear CA is shutting down.
  8. matthewhypolite
    Hello, Been off of the forums for a bit and just catching back up.
    Just saw this news. As a proud owner of the LAu i'd like to thank Alex for his wonderful work and wish him all the best in his future endeavors.
    The LAu is a wonderful amp and have enjoyed it alot driving my cans. It's the best amp i've owned. :)

    Anyways, thanks alex, all the best.
  9. musicheaven
    Sad to hear that CA closed their doors, one of the best amp making business headed by the nicest business owner. Good luck Alex in your future endeavors!
  10. RuFrost
    Too sad to hear that((
    God Bless, Alex!
  11. gabriel-dan
    I just found out! Very sad indeed, I myself have built a couple of Cavalli DIY amps( EHHA, Bijou) which I love.
    Thank you Alex.
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