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  1. Odin412
    I agree that the Liquid Tungsten was wonderful. I also wish for the Liquid Ambience prototype that was shown at this year's CanJam SoCal. That was a really nice sounding tube hybrid amp!
  2. NA Blur
    May you find new adventures and new challenges in the years to come.

    I've enjoyed your products and you've even loaned me a headphone or two at meets. You were always professional and willing to help.

    I truly wish you peace and grace as you close one chapter or your life.
  3. 67flieger
    I'm new to the hobby and just ordered my first headphone amp: the Massdrop CTH + SDAC. Part of the reason I ordered it was the great price but equally important was your reputation, Alex, and the tweaks that you made to the Massdrop version.

    As so many others have, I wish you all the best going forward. Enjoy the precious time with your grandchildren and family.
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  4. Priaptor
    Everyone has to make personal decisions in their life and what fits them best, however, I do feel Alex could have been a little more personal about this. I have just found out about this from a friend and believe Alex owed it to his customers to at least send a personal email and possibly if funds permitted to provide some further warranty with the company he is sending us to; obviously not "lifetime" as originally intended. This is a little harsh saying I have personal needs, sayonora and by the way your lifetime warranty for that LAu is gone.

    I wish him the best but also would have like a more personal goodbye.
  5. purk Contributor
    Thought that the LAu doesn't come with a Lifetime Warranty. Well, maybe those original $6000 units do come with one.
  6. Priaptor
    whatever. Just my opinion, I think Alex could have handled this better. Some us have big bucks invested, have been loyal customers and while people may want to thank and wish him the best of luck in retirement without condition, I too wish him the best but would have been liked it better if he showed more respect for his customers on his way out.
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  7. Jodet
    Good news.
  8. Jodet
    Respect for his customers? You got the wrong guy.
  9. Priaptor
    No I think I got the right guy but you choose to parse what I said. Your snarky retort was as if I was accusing Alex of not “respecting his customers” in general whereas my comment was clearly about him showing more respect for his customers on his way out.

    A personal email to his customers with the same explanation and a more humble statement regarding no more warranty would have been “respectful” instead of finding out about this third hand.

    But to each his own. I work in a different way and despite my dissatisfaction with his “notice” I wish him the best and will continue to enjoy his product.
  10. PopZeus
    Yeah, never had use for a dedicated headphone amp until now. The LCX will be the first (and maybe last) one that I get, as it has the right features and price point for the sound quality I'm looking for. Fwiw, I'm glad the designs will still have life even if the company that sprung them will be moving on.
  11. purk Contributor
    Yes, but Massdrop cares most about cost and that can be bad for any design. If price dictates the performance, a decent design can sound harsh and not good.
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  12. PopZeus
    Their main priority probably is to keep costs down to actually sell more units but I don't think it has to be at the expense of sound quality. (All the companies currently delivering great sounding audio at a reasonable cost might agree.) I mean, looking the form factor, you can see the LCX is totally different from the LC and it's likely in order to keep costs down. Now if you have a problem with the sound quality of Massdrop's audio partnerships, I don't know what to tell you... my personal experience has been largely very positive, and both parties in this case are claiming a virtually indistinguishable sound difference. I have no reason to assume this won't sound like the original LC.
    Last edited: Oct 20, 2017
  13. dBel84
    The quality of the units from Massdrop is remarkably good. Higher than my expectations were and first rate by anyone's standard.
  14. purk Contributor
    Yes, but can u expect vishay dale resistors and audiophile grade capacitors in their amps? How about a linear regulated PSU rather than Walwart switching. Not to mention jacks, OFC wiring, and quality volume pot. Those components can contribute to a more refined sound quality and better overall tones. A really good regulated PSU will allow to hear much deeper soundstage for instance. Even 3 oz copper board vs 2 oz PCB board can also lower a noise floor. I just can't see how they can do it for under $300.
  15. NA Blur
    I suggest we lock this thread as it has lost its luster.
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