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Cascade Headphone by Campfire Audio

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by KB, Feb 1, 2018.
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  1. Zachik
    My ears are on the bigger side, so the stock pads are a little too small to be comfy for me.
  2. Zabens
    Day 2 with my Cascades. Absolutely amazing so far. I've been running out of my galaxy s8+mainly but hooked up to my Origin+ last night and they really opened up. Now I'm stuck between ordering the R6 or the dx150. In terms of the headband look... I kind of dig it. I'm the type of person that doesn't like to stand out... but I'd rather rot in hell before I have people assume I'm listening to Beats by Dre :gs1000smile:. In all seriousness, just own the look, we're already weird for doing this to begin with.
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  3. robbi22
    Can't wait my sxc8 cable for Cascade)
  4. Zachik
    Can't wait for my cloth ear pads and for the new (upcoming) larger pads...
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  5. Wiljen
    Got ahold of an xDSD for the review tour and was listening to it combined with the Cascade, they have a really nice synergy although the Xbass+ feature is certainly not needed with the Cascade. The x might make a good office dac/amp for those looking to use their Cascades at work or where desk space wont allow a full sized setup. I am particularly impressed with the output power of the x, (the trade off is a slight hiss when paired with Andromeda or the likes).
  6. Zabens
    Cloth earpads have been delivered... but I'm at work....
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  7. Zachik
    Looking forward to hear your opinions as I am on the fence...
    Can you (or anyone else) comment on the size of the cloth vs. stock pads? especially whether the ear opening is same size or not? My ears being on the big side - anything bigger than the stock pads would be great. Smaller is a definite no-no for me!
  8. Zabens
    I just picked them up from my mailbox. Initial impressions... same dimensions /fit as the stock pads, not as comfortable (but that's really not a fair comparison). They do feel cooler on the head. I'm heading to meet some friends at the bar, I'll post some pics and update my impressions later. Keep in mind I only have about 30 hours total on my cans so don't rely solely on my opinions (and I'm not as good at this as others)
  9. Zachik
    Will not rely solely on your opinions :)
    Thanks for the initial thoughts... enjoy your beer :beerchug:
  10. Kildras
    Just had one of those weird moments. the song I listen to has a lot of fast left right channel (Stars by Mika Nakashima).

    On the cascade it literally made me feel dizzy because how the sound is pushed too much to the front close together with the vocal rather than being the background
  11. Zabens
    20180815_193120.jpg 20180815_193052.jpg 20180815_193120.jpg
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  12. Zabens
    I'm digging the new cloth pads. The fit is identical to the leather, but it is noticeably less comfortable. With that being said, I don't find them uncomfortable at all and they feel like they may break in over time. As far as sound goes... I really like these. The soundstage opens a little and the bass rolls off just a bit pushing vocals a little farther forward. I'm planning an all night listening session starring Aretha tonight. I'll update accordingly.
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  13. supervisor
    has the action on the adjustment sliding mechanisms of the Cascade become really loose for anyone? or were they always like that? i don't remember what they were like when new, but they seem very loose now...
  14. ahmedie
    well i tried the leather vs cloth pads and i definitely prefer the leather pads which is much closer to vega/atlas tuning. the cloth pads open the sound but bass is not forward anymore and does not extend as deeper. I agree the 1T fitler with clothes pads give good tuning. I lean toward the leather pads which have this addictive warm bass that present in all frequencies. anyhow i find out with using 4T filter while keeping small hole in the mounting place give slightly more open sound-stage and more highs while keeping thunderous bass good for warmer dac/source etc (r2r 11 in my case) !
    Last edited: Aug 20, 2018
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  15. supervisor
    no one replied to my question above so I am re-asking it.

    also, the paint is chipping off my Cascades everywhere--anyone else experiencing this? Ken/CA may it's "adding character"... :wink:
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