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CanJam Singapore 2016 Impressions (February 20-21, 2016)

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  1. ezekiel77
    Like you I had a vested interest in what Dunu had to offer. I had a little time (~10 minutes each) with them in the LMUE booth. Source was AK100ii (known to be neutral, transparent, slightly bass-light). Teo reminded me that they are prototypes and not the finished product. So just take these preliminary impressions as just that.
    DN2002: The most accomplished of the bunch. Slight W-shaped sig with bass emphasis, treble detail and a bit vocal forward. The dynamic bass was lovely. Good slam and natural decay, very little or no bleed into the mids. Treble detail is very good and smooth. Narrow stage. The most coherent of the Dunus I auditioned.
    DN3001: Treble-heavy, and on the brighter side of things. Bass is very fast with a much lighter punch than 2002, I thought the sound wasn't very balanced and sometimes the treble can be peaky and piercing. Maybe great for detail-heads but I couldn't wait to change to another IEM.
    DN4001: It has the airiest sound, and widest and deepest stage of the three. The bass reminded me of the 2002 bass. Natural, bloomy, great authority and just the right amount of decay. The 4BAs, work in tandem to produce a sweet, detailed sound, without the harshness of the 3001. But here's the thing. I felt that the DD and BAs were each doing their own thing. Not very coherent. But Teo did mention this is still some time away from being the final release product, so I hope to see this improved. Much potential to be a contender though.
    Hope this helps in the slightest. The 2002 was apparently the meet favorite with many people liking it.
    EDIT: For comparison's sake, they do not reach the standard of FLC8 yet.
    EDIT 2: Teo from LMUE: SUPER nice guy. My first line to him was, "hi! I buy your stuff!"
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  2. noobandroid
    the flc8 is definitely a spectacular one with comfort fit easily, tried the balance, pop and classical and loved them all for their specific genre, which i had in my dx90 library
  3. ezekiel77

    Yeah I love them, bought it during LMUE's sales for a discounted price. Now in 2nd gen and new price tag. Just imagine it's getting 36 IEMs at once haha.
  4. noobandroid
    i did consider it until i saw the price and for malaysians that's x3 the price and is too much for me, but the under appreciated rha750i is still the one i told myself i must get it and did without any hints of regrets
  5. ezekiel77
    Listening to your impressions of it I wish I could have heard it too. Always thought RHA made bassy phones, and I didn't look further. Did you prefer it over the T20i?
    And dang, didn't get to meet you too. You were right there is no contingency plan and it's just our IRL names on the name tag! Next meet I'm just gonna print my avatar and stick it on the tag.
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  6. noobandroid
    i liked it more and so did others that followed me along, the t20 played the add on game but they both sounded quite close with 750 being more coherent and organic

    it both do have the bass ability but what took me by surprise was the guitarist strike from joe bonamassa, my benchmark song and it blew me off the charts, twice in 2 days
  7. steffi
    Is that the Munkonggadget guy with the hat?
  8. noobandroid
    yes and they so funny
  9. noobandroid
    guys i think we should be flipping our guide booklet and give impressions of each brand so that those who missed it have their piece of sourness hehe
  10. Zimmermann
    I was able to attend the CanJam Singapore and it was one of the best experience of my life!!! Lots of awesome gears and people. I'd just like to share my impression about the best of the best that I've heard:
    Best system was the SR009 with the Blue Hawaii Amp (I forgot what DAC was used)
    This was my first time to use and electrostat headphones/system and I was literally mindblown. The transparency, PRaT, balance, details, and musicality were off the charts. Granted, I find musicality in gears that are considered analytical or highly detailed, the SR009 was perfect for me. I was able to compare it with the HE1000 side by side and the SR009s were beating the palanrs in all categories, there was no competition to my ears. 
    I was able to use the Orpheus I as well for 10 minutes and it was really great too! Just not as good as the SR009s for me. The Orpheus sounded a little bit weightier and less transparent. Though I myself wouldn't trust my impression about the Orpheus because I was not able to use tracks that I am considerably familiar with. 
    I was able to also experience all the available Stax electrostat phones and what I can say is that electrostats are on another level compared to the usual drivers. They're just too clean sounding, with almost no distortion as I cannot detect any while using them. The Stax L500 which was the most affordable was already so good that I would have bought it if I had the financial capability. 
    Aside from the electrostats, I was able to enjoy the HD800s too and compare them with the HD800. Both were good and the difference I heard were the HD800s had a little more bass and little less highs, with the soundstage feeling a little bit compromised too. I had troubles picking which pair I liked better but I thought I liked the original HD800 better. 
    The FLC8s were amazing! Im not saying they're better than the JH offerings since I was not able to test them side by side, but knowing that the FLC8s exist, I felt like the JH were overpriced.
    There were disappointments too. The mad dogs were not as good as I expected them to be, and the Beyerdynamic T1 Gen2 were lacking a lot for me to consider them as TOTL. The highly priced HE1000 too were somehowe underwhelming even if amped properly.I'd pick the HD800 over the HE1000 in anyday. 
    Of course, all of these are my personal impressions and experience and I am happy that I was able to attend canjam. I apologize for the scattered impressions I shared but I just can't keep my feelings about em' phones I just had to share them like this! 
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  11. Dopaminer
    So is there any connection between Dunu and the FLC people?  I also think the FLC8 is fantastic (haven`t heard the S version yet) and wondered if maybe they were connected to Dunu some how . . . .   
  12. avitron142
    Thanks for the impressions! This is somewhat disappointing... they did a fantastic job on their DN-2000J, and would hate for them to take a step backwards. Still, they're prototypes, so eagerly waiting for the finished product. 
    Edit: FYI, I think they're DK-2002, etc. They switched their new products from DN to DK.
  13. echineko
    Haha, I know right! I was too busy running around to even check my phone. So many awesome stuff to try in one place. I even gave up the free gift thing and just focused on listening to all the summit stuff I've been wanting to audition.

    Hung out a bit with the headfi guys, at the Noble booth, etc. Next year maybe we should arrange something properly. Also Saturday i was on full formal mode, pin stripe and slacks. Sunday I was rocking my awesome red and white floral t shirt :p

    The Sennheiser experience for me was the best at Canjam. But I really loved the Stax SR-009 setup as well, for something more realistic it was my choice.
  14. ezekiel77
    Both are being sold by LendMeUrEars an online and physical shop in Singapore. So LMUE had a booth and we were able to make comparisons. Dunu and FLC aren't connected.
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  15. joshuachew
    Next year jom!!
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