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CanJam NYC 2020 (February 15-16, 2020)

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  1. Watagump

    Thx man, I want to see everyone also and have some fun. I do have another option I am thinking about, but I don't know if it could become reality.
  2. Zachik
    GoFundMe? :wink:
  3. third_eye Moderator
    AudioWise, dCS, eProaudios, Periodic Audio, and Shenzhenaudio added to exhibitor list!
  4. szore
    I wish Shure would make an appearance...
  5. third_eye Moderator
    Sony added to exhibitor list!
  6. buke9
    Got my hotel just a block away and saved $300 for the 3 nights so I can have several drinks with friends.
    szore likes this.
  7. Watagump

  8. third_eye Moderator
    STAX added to exhibitor list!
    Niyologist likes this.
  9. third_eye Moderator
    Noble Audio added to exhibitor list!
    Niyologist likes this.
  10. Watagump
    Talks are moving forward to doing some shows in 2020, fingers crossed. Twizzlers might continue, which I know EVERYONE loves. :yum:
    NovaFlyer, Zachik and buke9 like this.
  11. szore
    Ever use a Twizzler as a straw to drink orange soda? Just curious...
  12. Watagump

    Not so much a soda, but I have done water. Cold water, so the licorice gets kinda stiff.
  13. twister6 Contributor
    Who is the highest bidder? Or better yet, keep it as a surprise, let the people discover which table you gonna be working at CanJam NYC :D
  14. Watagump

    Oh please, I am unable to keep my mouth shut when I am happy and excited. Its bad enough when I am just in a normal mood. Right now there is only one bidder anyhow.
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