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CanJam NYC 2020 (February 15-16, 2020)

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  1. Watagump

    It would be great to see you again and hang out after show days this time. Pretty sure Brent and Jim would be down also. I am not for sure going yet, only about 99%.
    NovaFlyer likes this.
  2. buke9
    OK we disavow you from all Twizzlers groups and associations I hope you feel better about your self now :wink:
  3. Zachik
    I have been a member of Twizzlers Anonymous... Twizzler clean for 5 months and 13 days now... :wink:
    NovaFlyer and buke9 like this.
  4. NovaFlyer
    Definitely up for some good food after the show. Looking at my travel options this week - will probably arrive Friday afternoon and depart early Monday morning.
  5. third_eye Moderator
    DUNU added to exhibitor list!
    szore, rantng and Ray3rd like this.
  6. szore
    What are you looking to eat?
  7. Slusho
    Someone's definitely going to bring this setup, right?:
  8. szore
    It's gonna be sweeeeetttt....
  9. third_eye Moderator
    ArtVano, Awedyo Audio, HEDD, and ICELAB added to exhibitor list!
  10. buke9
    This is good somehow missed the HEDDphone at SoCal.
  11. AxelCloris Administrator
    You and me both. That's on my list for certain this year. Listening buddies?
    buke9 likes this.
  12. Zachik
    Awwww...... so cute.......

  13. Slusho
    Can tickets be purchased last minute? Does it ever sell out? This is a good way to listen to a lot of different audio setups, right? Is it only exhibitors bringing headphones etc for people to listen to or individuals as well?
  14. Watagump

    You can show up and buy at the door. You can bring gear you want to test out on amps, dap's etc. Most of it are vendors, but plenty bring stuff and let others test it out
  15. m8o
    I wouldn't bring a desktop setup, just some favorite cans and maybe portable daps/amps if you are really particular and want -your- source driving a vendor's HP.

    There is a lounge section in the middle to relax, talk, listen to people's portable gear. But no folding tables with power run to it for attendee's rig setups like in a local meet. It's a Vendor show.
    Last edited: Dec 7, 2019 at 6:19 PM
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