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CanJam NYC 2020 (February 15-16, 2020)

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    Let’s set the day! I’m down again.
  2. twister6 Contributor
    Who cares about pizza, Eric. We want Twizzlers, again :D
  3. Watagump

    Hey Alex, the choice is not up to me. I am ready to work, just waiting to hear if someone wants me at their booth. I cant do anything when I am not getting much communication.
  4. Vitaly2017
    I whant to participate too!
    So many times I missed the event. Hope this time I make it!

    I see no ibasso in the list why?
  5. Zachik
    Just had a vision of you, Eric, standing with a big sign that reads: "will work for Twizzlers" :wink:
  6. Watagump

    Patience Daniel-san, more will get added as it gets closer.
    Vitaly2017 likes this.
  7. NovaFlyer
    Well you could take a helicopter from the airport and skip the train ride. :ksc75smile: I have to be the bad influence somehow! SoCal is a great location, unfortunately I won't make it next year.
  8. Watagump

    My goal this time would be not to eat about 80% of them before the show.
  9. Watagump

    A Helicopter would be so badass.
  10. Zachik
    Jim - you got to do Chicago, then. First priority on my list for next year! We can meet there, and either have fun with @Watagump or talk smack about him if he's a no-show :wink:
    buke9 and NovaFlyer like this.
  11. Watagump

    No show is fun if I am not there, end of story.
  12. NovaFlyer
    Blocked that weekend for Chicago, and have a hotel reservation. Why only talk smack about him when he's not there, why not with him there too. That's probably more fun!
  13. Vitaly2017
    This will be my first attend to a really big event. Il be probably running like a duck from boots to boots lol.
    YYuuuMMM YYuuUmmmm
    Niyologist likes this.
  14. Watagump

    Send a PM to Jack and tell him to get on the ball, I am ready to get serious about working the EE booth.
  15. Zachik
    I agree!

    Don't tell Eric, but I was just saying that to make him try harder to show up... I am like a chess grand master, thinking like 2 steps ahead! :nerd:
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