CanJam NYC 2018 Impressions (February 17-18, 2018)

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  1. gr8soundz
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  2. Giraku
    Agreed. I had a big expectation. The design is great especially the gold one. And it was comfortable with 2 different detachable ear pads (one was thicker with velour inside and the other was thinner with leather all the way). They said they are still fine tuning the pads. They also said that this is a special concept production so that the number of production will be limited

    Now, the sound...nothing special, especially thinking about the price range. I prefer my HE1kv2. If the price is less than 2k (<1.5k is ideal), this may have a potential to be a hit (limited number production helps there).
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  3. MTMECraig
    I had a very fun time! I don't know about you all but my time at CanJam went by QUICK.

    Here are some random pics I shot from the trip. Good time seeing friends from the industry, listening to great stuff, and hanging with buds!
    (Shot from a buddies room. Wow I had a hard time looking down, not going to lie...)
    (Shout out to Cheeky's! Me and my buds couldn't even find this place in ChinaTown at first. Man it was worth it though.)
    (HD660. Totally my cup of tea. I wish I could have A/B’d it with my HD600 but I didn’t feel like trying to keep track of it the whole day.
    (HD820. Senn was pretty much swamped with people wanting to hear this guy!I listened for a few minutes to try and give others a try. Everyone’s take away seemed to be that it sounded more like an open back. I concur... between it and HD800s, I heard differences but wss mainly listening for how open it sounded. I was impressed in that regard!
    (New colors for the wireless Focal Listen! This green really caught my eye so wanted to snap a pic. So so CHIC!)
    (My buddies pizza FAIL. In his defense the cap did just fall off. I cracked up when he tried to scrape it off. Not happening haha. This was the pizza place across the street from CanJam. They were nice to give him a new slice. Shout out to their hospitality and their great slices)
    (The Meze Empyrean. Thing is totally gorgeous)
    (Mr. Speakers Voce. WOW. I am doing a small write up on this in the Voce thread. Steely Dans album “The Royal Scam sounded excellent out of this...)
    (Johns of Bleecker st. It’s now a tradition for me and my friends to go here every year. Fresh basil on this pie is banging! I am not going to lie folks, I ate pizza while I was in NY probably twice a day ha. )
    (Juniors. This place does have some beast cheese cake... right across the Marriott as well)

    I have more pics but I’ll dump them around the appropriate threads. Just wanted to share some of my experience with you all. If you can make it to a CanJam I highly recommend you go. Listening is just a small part of the fun experience :)
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  4. Zachik
    I think we all understand that substantial R&D effort and cost went into those. Meze basically have several options to choose from:
    1. Price Empyrean very high to recoup all R&D costs. Assumption is Empyrean will be selling limited / small quantities. Seems like Meze chose this one, and the limited 500 unit is a nice trick to help those 500 sell quickly (or so they hope).
    2. Price those at $1000-1500 where most (me included) feel that is their rightful place in the current market (accounting for other alternatives, etc.). Obviously many more units would sell, but profit on eat would be smaller. Meze needs to figure whether or not this option would net them more or less money.

    Now, if Meze wants to make a statement, and squeeze themselves into the high-end tier - option 1 is the fast but risky way to go. If Empyrean flops - they'll never get into high-end... option 2 could be used to elevate themselves to a higher level but not quite top-notch, and use Gen 2 for that last push. Longer plan but less risk of falling on their faces.

    Anyhow, that is the way I see it. Hopefully Meze would succeed either way, and hopefully a (much) lower priced model would follow utilizing the same technology.
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  5. Zachik
    Unfortunately, I am not familiar with T6RP (or T50RP for that matter).
    The Dekoni had a nice sound signature - warm and smooth, with very meaty bass.
    The design is obviously very similar to the T50 / T60, other than the blue color :wink:
    The earpads are definitely a big improvement to the original. I did audition it a while ago (RMAF 2017), not for very long, so hard to compare sound signature. Comfort wise the Dekoni is definitely better from what I recall. Their pads could be a little bit bigger (for my bigger ears), but they're definitely comfy enough (and for people with smaller ears that would be perfect).
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  6. miceblue
    Just a few photos for now. The new platform only lets you upload photos with a dimension less than 4000 pixels, so I'm not sure how these will turn out.



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  7. youngarthur
    Thank you for all these impressions, and people taking the time to post.Being retired, I could never afford to travel from N/E Scotland to visit,so this has given me a good idea, as to whats going on.
  8. Zachik
    OMG!!! A 2-headed man at the studio's controls!!! :wink:
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  9. miceblue
    Yeah man! You need one head for headphone listening, another for speaker listening. That's how you're supposed to do the SonarWorks test. : P
  10. Galm
    Some of my photos from the show:

    Mostly amps and stuff in this album, I'll organize headphone stuff some other time.
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  11. Majestic Eagle
    Personally bought the CT500's when on sale this year . Really enjoy them and the price could not be beat .Seemed to have a fuller sound than the CT400's . Listened to all their gear at their office a couple different afternoons in Orlando both times liked the CT500 better than the others .Brought my music alive better ....hope that helps .
  12. Onemanrock
    Thank you for stopping @ our booth! :beyersmile: [​IMG]
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    Did you get to hear the Ultrasone yet?
  14. LoryWiv
    The folks from Advanced Sound were great. They also have a forthcoming bluetooth IEM model 3D which I heard the demo of at their booth. It's a hybrid with two balanced armatures and one dynamic driver. Some other enhancements as well. Not sure when it will be available but my brief listen was very favorable. Good clarity in the mids and treble without sibilance along with that satisfying visceral dynamic driver base. Overall a coherent sound as well. Would love more detail about features and availability. It would be great if the cable had a 2 pin option to increase versatility with other IM's and perhaps a bit longer battery life than their previous Bluetooth IEM, but in any case my first listen whet my appetite to learn more...thanks!
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  15. Giraku
    Unfortunately, it's delayed. I don't know when mine will be delivered.
    At CanJam I found one booth demoing the Edition 15, but it was connected to a balance cable (XLR) and their amplifier was not working at that time. So I could not listen...
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