CanJam Global 2018 Event Thread (NYC, Singapore, SoCal, London, RMAF, Shanghai)

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  1. jeremy205100
    I'm personally not a fan of expensive upgrade cables, but I took at a look at your site, and I saw these cables only come with a 1-year warranty. How do you justify not including a lifetime (or at least 5+ year) warranty on a $2000 cable when Monoprice is willing to back its ~$2 cables with a lifetime warranty?
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  2. Mython Contributor

    "Caveat Emptor."

    However, I am looking forward to seeing(/hearing) what 2018 will bring to our audio hobby.
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  3. mikemercer
    PSYCHED to see ya'll in my hometown!
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  4. Niyologist
    Well it looks like Clear Tune, JH Audio and DUNU will make my choice easier for my next upgrade.
  5. icefalkon
    Hey guys, can't wait to meet you all at the NYC event. I'll be working the iBasso table with a bunch of great toys!

    Steve from NYC
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  6. mab1376
    @beyerdynamic rep, please bring a dt240 to NYC, i'd really like to demo it!
  7. Niyologist
    Looking forward to that.
  8. rantng
  9. icefalkon
  10. Zachik
    Universals or Customs?
    If Customs (CIEMs) - please PM me. I am looking to audition and order my first ever CIEMs... want to swap notes with you :wink:
  11. Niyologist
    I'm looking for Universal IEMs under $400.
  12. Mystic
  13. third_eye Moderator
    HiBy Music added to CanJam Singapore exhibitor list!
  14. mikemercer
  15. third_eye Moderator
    You too, looking forward to it!
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