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can the j3 reduce the ie8 bass to neutral?

  1. NightRyder
    I love everything about the ie8 except the focus on bass can the cowon j3's equalizer reduce the bass to neutral?
  2. Redmetal1897
    Don't see why it wouldn't [​IMG] It lets me get the bass of the JVCfx700 to how I like it so it should be able to do the same for the ie8
  3. NightRyder

    does the jvcfx700 carry a lot of bass?

  4. Redmetal1897


    Yes it does[​IMG] Probably not as much mid bass though, but again, that is something you can eq down with the j3. I do this if I feel at times that the bass is getting too much. 
  5. NightRyder

    o that would be awesome if i could turn down the bass, which frequencies are the bass ones?

  6. sari0n
    Did you already adjust the air filters on the IE8's for minimum bass?
    The two bands all the way to the left are pretty much the ones that control bass.
  7. NightRyder
    when you lower the bass frequencies on the j3 does it affect or reduce the sound quality of the rest of the sounds from the song?

  8. sari0n
    Not really.  Some headphones respond to EQ better than others but the IE8's should be fine.  Cowon has one of the best portable EQ systems out there.  I personally haven't ever experienced any reduction in sound quality when I use Cowon's EQ.

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