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Can Grace Design m9xx make Sennheiser HD800 sound good??

  1. weile
    People say that HD800 is difficult to power....my m9xx (from massdrop) can do it??
    I would love to hear the low frequencies as good as possible in HD800

    This my first post in here.
    Thanks all!
  2. sheldaze
    An unfortunate truth in this hobby is you can always do better.

    That said, the combination of HD800 and Grace Design m9xx is quite good! I read (do not know the truth) it was voiced using HD800 as a reference. No idea, beyond listening to it myself - it works quite well.

    Hopefully you can read more in the m9xx thread.
  3. weile
    On other treads says that m9xx would drive HD800 in a "good" way....
    I do mix and masterings work, which amp would drive better the HD800 for this kind of work? (I need plenty of details, neutrality, wideband frenquencies response, good lows, good mids, good highs)
    PS: I have a SubPac on my chair to help me on the subs but would still be good to hear lows from the cold-dry HD800s.
  4. buke9
    If you want to hear lows from the cold-dry 800's why are you using them in the first place? When you say neutrality why say good mids good highs and good lows as that is what a neutral amp should be the equal of all of those. I don't have the 800's yet they should be in the house by next week but have heard them many times on many a setup and the last thing I want to hear them on is a neutral setup. So you might ask what is the most neutral amp rather than asking here and start a new thread. I'm sure it will make them as cold and dry as they ever were to you. Sorry to be so blunt but what your saying doesn't make a lot of sense to me.
  5. Dulalala
    The HD800 are not hard to power. They are picky, sure, but not hard to power. In fact, they are quite sensitive. Just in case you didn't know, impedance≠sensitivity.
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  6. sheldaze
    As a professional, you might want to consider software equalization. There are publicly available response curves. I've not dabbled in these myself, but I have heard the results on an HD800.
    I'd need to ask my friend, if he could connect to my m9xx and his HD800, and test out the equalization. When I heard it, it was on a much higher end system - Holo feeding a Liquid Gold into an HD800.

    But as the above posters point out - you're going to hear the HD800 as-is, which might not be what you want. Equalization will consume some power, but the HD800 does not require much power. It might work well. I know I liked my HD800, when I owned one, through my m9xx (no equalization). It simply surprised me how well the two played together.

    You should also look into the original m9xx thread, where I think some posters do use equalization, with great results!
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  7. weile
    I want the HD800s because people say that they are the most detailed mids and highs and what I most need at the moment is to fix my mixing depth decisions, compression erros, saturation decisions...details......
    I'd like an amp that could bring the lows more upfront on the HD800s, if its possible....If any amp can make the HD800s more powerfull on the low frequencies would be the perfect combo for me (lots of details + full bass extension).
  8. weile
    Sorry for the newbie question, but how is this equalization done?? (i dont like putting EQ on the master bus because of distortions and headroom)
  9. sheldaze
    Probably best to look up threads on Sonarworks. I'm not that familiar either, only that it is a plug-in compatible with many different audio playback software. And there are commonly available equalization curves, presets to use with stock versions of headphones (unmodified HD800 with stock cable). I understand the headroom concern, which is why I would try it (with help from my friend) on my m9xx. But it would be a little while before I could get together to try it.

    That's why I think if you look up m9xx and Sonarworks, you'll find impressions already in the m9xx thread. I think @fjrabon mentioned using the EQ software.
  10. robm321
    Yes, they are a great fit for what you want to use them for.
  11. mysticstryk
    From my own experience, the best your gonna hear the HD800 with a amp/dac budget under $500 will be a Modi Multibit and Vali 2 stack. The only SS amp I liked with the 800 was the Black Widow, which is OOP and expensive. Most long time 800 users stay away from SS gear, but of course most =/= everyone.
  12. weile
    I can spend more than $500, but it has to be waaaaaaay better than grace design m9xx..... If someone here tells me that HD800s will be MUCH MUCH better with some amp I will buy it.
    About the SS Amp, I read a lot here on the forum and everybody tells that Sennheiser HDVA600 is incredible to make HD800 shine and a power the low end....is it truth??? Any better Amp???
  13. mysticstryk
    I wouldn't buy the HDVA600. I think most long term 800 owners would agree with me. You would have to give a specific budget for me to recommend something else to you; also keep in mind that MUCH MUCH better is not a dramatic improvement when it comes to audio.
  14. weile
    From $500 to $2000 I think its ok to spend on dac/amp.....why you dont recomend HDVA600????
  15. Fearless1
    Because it is abysmal with the HD800 is why, the schiit stack he recommended is has significantly better synergy.

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