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Can 16Bit/48kHz be considered as aptX HD level? (re: Avantree DG60)

Discussion in 'Sound Science' started by RadarJammer, Aug 9, 2019.
  1. RadarJammer
    There is a new USB Bluetooth transmitter dongle by Avantree hitting the markets at the moment, which I preordered at their 40% early order discount and which I received as one of the first customers at the beginning of August well in time.


    The DG60 offers apart from long range, Bluetooth audio and communication capabilities Bluetooth broadcast, too.
    What interested me were the aptX, aptX LL and aptX HD codecs in the rare combination with headset communication, so listening to BT HD quality and being able to use Skype on PC with a single connection was finally possible.

    It was originally and until a few days ago advertized with:

    "Using aptX-HD, wirelessly stream 24 Bit music quality for a ‘better-than-CD’ listening experience." [this is now removed on their site]

    The DG60 works really well in practice I found - except:

    On the USB side it is only recognized as fixed 16Bit/48kHz USB audio device in both Windows 10 and Android. No other settings possible!

    That means everything else has to be up- or downsampled to 16Bit/48kHz. Is that still acceptable as an aptX HD quality level they keep advertising?

    I wrote Avantree customer support (I also urged them to offer LDAC transmitters) and they opened a ticket. In their reply they confirmed my finding:

    "Thanks for the feedback, it is extremely helpful.
    We're currently working on licensing LDAC for our future transmitters.

    As for the HD quality issue, though the DG60 does support 24 bit, we noticed that all current computers only support 16-bit when using the USB port... we'll be updating our listings so customers don't get confused or feel mislead.


    Avantree Support"
    Last edited: Aug 9, 2019
  2. gregorio
    Whether it's 16 or 24bit is irrelevant because 16bit is already beyond the capabilities of the human ear. The only potential audible problem could be the downsampling process itself. I say "potential" because it's been easily possible to downsample transparently for many years but it's possible that windows might be using a downsampling process that isn't entirely transparent, although I don't know if this is the case.

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  3. TronII
    Isn't 16 bit/48kHz beyond the capabilities of what AptX HD can losslessly reproduce, anyway?
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  4. gregorio
    To be honest, it's a bit unclear and I haven't really delved into the facts vs marketing hype. On the one hand it claims to provide up to 48kHz/24bit losslessly but on the other hand it has a data rate of 576kbps, which is about a quarter of the required data rate. They would therefore have to use a lossless data compression algorithm but all the algorithms I know have max compression ratios around 1.8:1, less than half what would be required. So, either they've come up with a new algo that's more than twice as efficient as any other lossless algo or, there is some lossy compression occurring and the marketing is false. Even 16/48 would require a significantly more efficient lossless algo (about 2.6:1).

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  5. SilentNote
    From my quick search, some lossy compression is going on for AptX at 4:1 compression ratio. I can only assume that AptX HD also uses some kind of lossy compression as well.
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  6. froes
    This seems to have the same problem like the Reiyin WT-HD06 aptX HD Low Latency Bluetooth 5.0 Audio Transmitter beeing available for half of the price.

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