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  1. Chefano
    Hey there!
    Ive been reading a lot of stuff regarding vega's treble, and that is really blocking me from buying it. As an owner of a K3003, which has a piercieng treble to my ears, I need some help to compare vega's treble against k3003(my no go treble trouble benchmark) :ksc75smile:

  2. HeartOfSky
    I fnd the treble to be bright and clear, but not harsh. Am using Lyra II for a week, and I'm struggling with the harshness if the treble.
  3. aaf evo
    Well looks like I'm just not really a fan of the Vega's sound signature after all, they sound great but it's just not for me. I much prefer the signature of the Andromeda. If anyone is interested in picking up a like new pair PM me.
  4. Roscoeiii
    LH labs? Lots of haters on that brand due to their Kickstarter delays. Read the Wave threads. Not a brand I am willing to support. If only I could get a refund for the Wave I've been waiting years for...

    Campaign began i in 2014 with 2015 shipping promised.
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  5. Chefano
    Thats really interesting, LH labs and Campfire.... LH Labs is not the most reputable company all around :/
  6. Lurk650
    I need to compare to @SeeSax Vega sometime. My Lyra II with Spiral Dots and Triton8 Hybrid Cable out of the Opus#1 balanced, I sense no harshness at all.
  7. HeartOfSky
    I'm just sensitive to treble. I'm still burning them in, but there are a few favorite tracks that I can't really listen to, because of the treble. Will see how that changes in a few days. Overall, they are really very nice, but the added warmth of Vega is exactly what my ears need. I've enjoyed getting to hear more full mids though.
  8. Dukebb13
    The Vegas seemed harsh for me for about 2 weeks and then the pain was gone. I now find them to have good air but no piercing highs. They are equally as good as my HD 700’s. Let them burn in more and don’t use silicone tips. Comply all the way for me.
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  9. Womaz
    So is it a case of if you are a tad sensitive to treble then the Lyra 2 May be more suitable?
    I think I am sensitive to treble too
  10. RollsDownWindowsManually
    I don't think the Vega treble is bad at all with comply tips. WIth silicones, yes it can be bright. It does need a bit of treble boost because of it's forward bass, otherwise it would sound too dark in my opinion, but it's about right with comply, nothing like an unmodded HD800.
  11. HeartOfSky
    Being 4 days into burning in my friend's Lyra II, I love it for rock and stuff, but am not enjoying electronic music so much. Whereas I find the treble in Vega to be bright and crisp, there's something about the treble in Lyra that grates me.

    EDIT: I mean I'm reeeeaaaalllly loving Lyra II for rock and stuffs. It's got a great fullness to the sound and vocals sound super lush.
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  12. Enver
    Arkadaş hello I got the Vega from the official site campfire audio fire audio two months ago now I hawe gone audio in the two deckhairs.
  13. Enver
    I am writing in Turkey and I may have translation problems I apalogize al ready
  14. nealh
    Welcome. Congrats on the Vega.
    No worries on the translation
  15. Enver
    Thank you...
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