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  1. Roscoeiii
    I didn't love the Mojo + Vega pairing. It isn't a DAP, but I love the Vega with the iDSD Micro Black Label (no bass boost but using the 3D feature, IEM Match to high sensitivity, Normal power mode). Really curious to hear how the newer Nano iDSD Black Label does with the Vega as well.

    The Black Label Micro iDSD sounds great and is super versatile. I loved the Jotenheim with my Vegas, but not with my HiFiMan HE-5LE planars. The Micro iDSD BL on the other hand, handled all of my headphones superbly. All the setting options make it a great option for someone who wants just one DAC/amp. (and it can be used as an amp only or a DAC only)
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  2. HeartOfSky
    How's the flexibility of your Triton8?
  3. HeartOfSky
    Definitely a blessing in disguise. Nothing worse than to place your name/reputation in someone else's hands when they have the capacity to cause it damage. If LH screwed things up, it would affect Ken's reputation.
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  4. leftside
    The micro looks just a little too big for my on the go needs, but the Nano could be ideal.
  5. Roscoeiii
    Yeah it is a bit long and awkward shaped.
  6. Lurk650
    It's actually very good. I'll take a pic later
  7. Dukebb13
    Please look into the Plenue2 also. That with the Vega balanced is the best combo I have tried. It is just magical when both are fully broke in. Using the DX200 right now with amp3. Still new and breaking in though. My P2 is being repaired, I dropped it and broke the multi wheel. I can’t wait to get it back to compare to the DX200.
  8. CalvinW
    Did Ken drop the Ball?
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  9. Doug2507
    Hey guys.

    Had mojo/se846 for a while but ended up selling both due to Spotify issues with the mojo (probably my main source if music these days tbh). Se846 were sold as the microphonics on the stock cable were terrible and my Linum doesn't pair well with a galaxy s8 socket.

    Ended up digging my Westone 4's out and have to admit they sound absolutely terrible and mind of wish I'd kept the se846 for a while.

    Now shopping for a new setup and quite fancy trying Lyra II with vega later down the line. Looking to pair them with a dap so I can ditch the phone. Dx200 caught my attention.

    Is the lyra/dx200 pairing good and will the dx200 be a good foundation if I change to Vegas later?

    Majority of music listed to is rock from old to new. Mix of Spotify and my own collection.

    I do like quite an honest sound with little colouring (the se846 were toe tapping though) but not as far as clinical as i find it quite fatiguing. (Sold my oppo ha-1 se for that very reason)
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  10. HeartOfSky
    CA products are definitely coloured. Lyra II sounds great for Rock music. There's a real fullness to things. It's definitely not a neutral sound, but it sure will give you the feels.
  11. Doug2507

    Good pairing with dx200?

    Just wetting my toes with the Lyra to see what campfire are about. Is the vega more of the same with regards to Lyra?
  12. HeartOfSky
    Can't comment on the pairing, sorry.

    Vega is even more coloured. It's the whole box of coloured pencils. The bass on Lyra is impressive, but it's just so much more rich and dark on Vega. Vega has better detail and the highs are less harsh to my ears.
  13. Jackpot77
    Vega has more bass, a clearer treble and a much more dynamic presentation. The Lyra II is full bodied and quite relaxed in its presentation (for me, anyway) - it allows you to ease back into the music and just drift away. With some tracks, the Vega grabs you by the throat and drags you right down the front of the concert to the moshpit and starts throwing you around - it's probably the most engaging IEM I own, but doesn't really let you listen passively, as it always drags you right into the heart of the song.
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  14. haiku
    Ultimate cable upgrade for my CA Vegas: Brimar Audio Kaiser Cable with breakthrough technology. 8 Braids. 7N Super OCC Silver + 24Kart Gold Alloy with Gold Filling, 7N Super OCC Silver and 7N Super OCC Copper in each single wire.
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  15. haiku
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