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  1. Enver
    The campfire vega I bought two months ago does not work customer service is not returning.
  2. Enver
    What should do to help
  3. fuhransahis
    It takes them a while to answer emails sometimes. Calling them is your best bet.
  4. CalvinW
    Their support isn’t the best, at least with my experience. Last time I contacted them about a issue, they just beated around the bush.
  5. HeartOfSky
    I appear to have had the opposite experience. After 2 mths, my Vega (L) got some internal damage, which caused the driver to loosen from its housing (or something to that matter). Whether is was covered under warranty or not was questionable. I shipped it to CA. They repaired it and sent it back immediately. I was w/o my Vega for 7 days total. I was very impressed.

    A few months later, I noticed that the memory wire on my left hook had snapped. Support told me I could carefully remove it, or I could send the cable back for replacement. JD sent me a new Litz and I returned the other one immediately. If the wire breaks again, I'll just have it removed, as I see no need in taxing their resources for such a triviality. All the way around, I'm very please to own a CA product and have several friends who've purchased as well.
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  6. CalvinW
    Nice to hear, hope I will receive the same level of support if unfortunately, I run into another issue again
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  7. Lurk650
    My memory wire will never break since I can't stand the damn memory wire so the cable gets no use. Wish they made a version with no wire. I should sell mine to somebody lol
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  8. brokengundam
    You can find mmcx cables on Aliexpress that are "custom" with or without the memory wire from $20 to $200 USD. I picked a 2.5mm balanced cable up through there for about $40. I tried it once with my Fiio X7 ii, and didn't feel like it added anything special to the Vega's presentation, so I swapped back to the cable I normally use, the Shure mmcx cable (no remote). I prefer a black cable to the clear Litz cable that came with the Vega for purely aesthetic reasons. I feel that the black cable attracts a bit less attention when I'm walking around NYC or riding the subway wearing $1300 iems... LOL
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  9. Lurk650
    Look at my sig. I have a Triton8 Hybrid Cable lol. All my other cables are from Venture Electronics. I've had one cable from AE, 4 core SPC and it's already turning green near the ear hooks.

    I was saying I wish CA themselves made a Litz No Wire wire version
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  10. leftside
    What DAP's are you guys using with the Campfire Vegas? I've just purchased the Vegas and have a Mojo on order to use with my iPhone 8, but am also considering a separate DAP. Apple keep breaking compatibility with the Mojo.

    A couple of DAP's I've considered are the Sony NW-WM1A B, A&K 240 and OPUS#2.
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  11. Lurk650
    Don't forget to check out theBit Opus, they have a #1, #2, #3. #1 then #3 then #2 in order of price tier & performance
  12. Lookout57
    I have the OPUS#1 Metal and OPUS#2.

    My first choice to use with my Vegas is the OPUS#2.
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  13. deafdoorknob
    ken ball stated that the collab with LH fell through. perhaps it's a blessing in disguise
  14. amirhosein
    Does anyone have experience with the Vega out of the Cowon Plenue D?
  15. Roscoeiii

    I'm surprised to hear this. I have had great support from them. I second the recommendation to call them.
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