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Campfire Audio IO

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  1. Inorbit8
  2. SaveTheMantaRays
    I know this is the new IO thread. Very curious on these.
    I am really also curious on "new" Polaris, which one on the Campfire website is the new one.
    And between the descriptions of the sound signature, which one of these will likely be a more "fun" presentation.
    And can they both be driven, easily?

    Thank you all
  3. Mike-WI
    I think we'll need to see some reviews to get answers.
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  4. senorx12562
    Like the moon of Jupiter. They are purdy tho, ain't they?
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  5. Dcell7
    Only the new Polaris is on the Campfire website. The old one has been discontinued for a while and looks different too. The old one has a blue shell with a black cerakote front plate and a plastic spout. The new one has a blue shell only with a black steel spout.
  6. azeral
    Would be rad if this is a new series named for the Galilean Satellites ...
  7. imackler
    Doesn't sound like anyone has heard this yet?
  8. BuddhaBruce
    Does this share any internals or configuration with the Shinola Pro Canfield In Ear?
  9. loris615
    Don't think so. Mine is coming 2 day fedex, I can post some impressions but my ears aren't as seasoned. They are beat up from years of Promo work. I will be taking a long vacation, and if I decide to keep them it will give me some time to burn them in and see how I really like them. I am also unsure based just off the specs if I can drive them off my laptop when I travel. I may have to bring a portable dacamp.
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  10. senorx12562
    For fans of The Expanse.
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  11. megabigeye
    If it's named after Jupiter's moon, I believe the correct pronunciation would be "ee-oh."

    Yours truly,
    Mr. Pedantic
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  12. imackler
    Pretty sure traditional English pronunciation of the moon is "Eye-oh," though the rest of Europe may disagree.
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  13. Mike-WI


    Clicking link at the bottom gives an audio pronunciation
    "eye - oh"
  14. iBo0m
    As many of you, I’m also VERY curious how this pomegranate’s Andromeda sound. Nice to see the longer nozzle! :) I’m sure these would make a tough competition if they perform such solid in price/sound ratio like the Comets do.

    Big thanks to the first reviewer in advance!!! :D

    Btw… what does this mention of “Refreshed with a refined body” in Andromeda’s description exactly refer to?
  15. iBo0m
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