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Campfire Audio IO

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  1. jaydunndiddit
    This, doesn't make a whole lot of sense. What does being from Singapore have to do with access or having "better ears?" Is the inverse not true for the boutique brands we have here in the States that don't get the same exposure overseas? Some of us have had the IO for over a week now and I can say my impressions today are quite different than day one. Same with the difference of listening through my phone compared to my amp/DAC, or listening to MQA via Tidal and just streaming through Google Play Music. And we still haven't talked about choice of genres, tips used, etc.

    If you're going to be skeptical, it should be across the board and equal and you not just picking one or the other. Or, you could try the IO yourself and share your impressions like the rest of us have been doing as well. I'm not even saying this individual is wrong, but it does sound odd considering my listening experience and that of others.

    Personally, I enjoy the IO for what it is and the price bracket they fit in. I enjoy them more than my MD+ and ER4, EDC3, etc. That are aiming for a similar FR. They have faults but I really have to nitpick and do a lot of comparisons. And it arguably comes down to the genres of music I'm listening to and my mood that day.

    But, like an above poster said, listen to what you like and trust your ears. If I listened to all the nonsense on the internet, I would have never ended up with my Shure 846s that are still one of my fave all BA IEMs to this day. They are still arguably the only all BA IEM that gets the lows right with speed and texture, especially with the black filters. Of course, this trick is due to their well engineered low pass system, but I'll be damned if it isn't a VERY good trick that no one else has been able to replicate (amongst their build, accessories, being sweat proof, filters, etc).

    Just my .02 cents on the matter, either way.
    Last edited: May 6, 2019
  2. boneburglar

    1) Being from Sg doesn't mean you have better ears, it's just a fact that Sg has more IEM shops than the US does, and those shops have all sorts of models that you can go and try out until you have a greater understanding of what you appreciate or not. Obviously, some Americans are privileged enough to have access to a plethora of IEMs, but it still is really miniscule next to the variety overseas, and it can all be tried there without having to blind buy or buy used ans resell.

    2) Boutique IEM brands will usually stock their products over in Sg even if they are not based in Asia.

    3) I will admit I haven't tried the Io, but my point is more that I'm defending negative reviews and don't think Ken should greet them with hostility. Personally I won;t give my opinion on whether the Io is amazing or not for these reasons. If anything, I'm unbiased towards the Io in particular. If it really is "bad", its worst crime is just sounding bad, not any QC issues that should be taken much more seriously (sound is subjective, longevity or other QC aspects are not, and thankfully it seems the Io hasn't shown any QC flaws so far).

    4) It's great that you enjoy it, people should be free to have their own opinion.

    5) Kind of going back to everything said, listening to your ears is the #1 thing you can do in this hobby. It just so happens that Sg folks are lucky enough to have limitless potential to do just that.
  3. jaydunndiddit
    That's the point I'm making is it wasn't about this "review being bad." That individual doesn't list what device they're using, is it an iPhone, Android, Macbook or PC which the dongles work with? Which dongle is being used as they are different and measure differently? What was their source? What did they actually listen to? What tips were used? Were they streaming music or were the files local? How long have they been listening for? What other IEMs are they comparing them to sonically? All important information one would expect from a review.

    It's not about their impressions being "bad," but they are odd considering they are giving buying advice to others. That's what's weird and are defending. Let alone, you don't even ask Ken if they have been having a legitimate issue with a trolling poster and again seemingly jump on their bandwagon with a device you yourself also have no experience with. It would seem fair to inquire as to WHY Ken would inquire about this individual instead of jumping on their bandwagon with no context and minute impressions. I guess I'm more thrown off by the fact that you instantly hook to this "negative review" in its defense, yet ignore all the other discussion and impressions that have been shared over the last week in this thread (all of which hasn't been glowingly positive if you have actually read it). It just strikes me as odd but to each their own, I suppose.

    Also, there are many vendors that have great return policies that allow you to try gear in your actual environment with your typical uses. Hell, even in the Midwest we have shops here that offer as such despite us not having a ton of them. Just like trying gear at a show or in a shop is not really equivalent to using something at home compared to a noisy floor/room at a CanJam for example or using all your typical gear and files. You'd be amazed at how much your impressions can change in just those scenarios. Let alone the amount of time it takes for your brain to adjust to a new sound sig in general.

    Either way, I hope you actually get a chance to listen to them yourself so you could have context as well like some of the rest of us. Not even saying this person is wrong, but it is curious considering all other things.
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  4. boneburglar
    They said iPhone dongle, which is generally regarded to be a decent enough source, but I wouldn't call it an excellent review besides that. It's just a short impression, hence why it's not in the reviews tab.

    Also, accusing me of hooking to this review doesn't make any sense. Ken lashed out at this person because they left a negative review and are presumably from Sg, that's my issue. I'm not trying to glorify the fact that the Io may or may not be subpar to some, I'm pointing out that Ken cannot handle criticism, and if he really is dealing with trolling from Sg, he should've been more clear about it because he certainly wasn't in his post. If by Sg folks knocking stuff, he means the Solaris crap (not to derail this thread), then that hardly counts as enough evidence to rule out everyone who is based there.

    TLDR; even if the negative review wasn't in depth, Ken Ball doesn't need to be offended by it. I focused on that comment because Ken himself responded to it in a brash manner. If he has a legitimate issue with the Singapore audio community, he better come to the table with actual evidence of this happening rather than assume that we are all in the loop when he attacks users over their opinions.
  5. szore
  6. Fawzay
    Dayum feel like im too a victim here.... Btw Its an individual that state negative remark on the said IEM but painting it with single brush which mean he has encountered many not 1 Singaporean that commented negatively. Im not sure about the other who commented in such a way its demeaning in nature and i believe they commented in a honest opinion and i will take it as constructive criticism.
    Ultimately, i agree with boneburglar.
  7. OverlordRush
    Another negative review of the IO.... guess where he is from?
  8. Snekismyfriend
    Last edited: May 7, 2019
  9. ddmt
    It does make sense, it looks like Andro, it should sound like Andro. All those negative IO reviews are just haters!!!

  10. joshuachew
    Damn.... I wanted to post my impressions of the IO, but seeing where I am from, I guess I better not. I might get crucified more than for liking the UE Live...
    GarageBoy likes this.
  11. malvinviriya
    Hey Ken! Sounds like you need a PR manager. Where can I apply?
  12. JaeYoon
    *Buys Campfire IO and then takes to Singapore for business trip.
    Gonna Send back for refund within 14 days when I come back to U.S

    Bad tone and hollow vocals with stage confirmed.
    @toranku :frog::relieved:

    Initial impressions for IO.
    Damn my Sony EX800ST costs less than IO and does everything better the soundstage is way more open everywhere top,bottom, sideways. The bass also has better presence all around, very nice energy, but for the IO the bass is very lackluster and can't even compete....I'm gonna stop comparing here for the bass. :thermometer_face::persevere:

    The vocals and mids on the EX800ST have much more body and soul to them than on the IO.

    Gonna send for a refund when I get back. But rest assured the IO is very beautiful, I love the yellow screws with red color, looks just like Ironman.

    Very beautiful in the sun. But going back to CFA.

    Ken Ball, don't take it personally but the IO is just not my sound signature.:dancer:
  13. joshuachew
    You're from Singapore. You can't apply.
  14. malvinviriya
    Dang and blast! You foiled my plan :frowning2:
  15. toughnut
    Guess someone will sleep well tonight.
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