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Campfire Audio IO

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  1. SilverLodestar
    I absolutely love ODST and its jazzy vibe. Overture is such a great test track because of how smooth and relaxing it is. Gameplay-wise, I like ODST, Reach, H2, and H3 the best. Those games are true gems and their soundtracks are legendary. For me, I feel like the rain lacked definition, resolution, and realism. It almost sounds like listening to rain through a cup if that makes sense. I’ll have to check out your comparisons since I used to own the MD+ lol.
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  2. Hageatama
    Listening through a cup! Exactly. It's a strange sensation after using the T60RP, HD 660S, and even the MD+. To be honest, I didn't do an MD+ comparison, but I will do one soon. If jaydunndiddit doesn't beat me to it, lol

    And yeah, almost every Halo FPS has been a gem. I'm super excited for MCC to come to PC as well. Even signed up as a flighter! (Not to get too off-track)
    Last edited: May 1, 2019
  3. jaydunndiddit
    I think it's due to speed. The reverb and decay is quite fast and loses some naturalness if you're used to a slower reverb and decay from a DD. The same with resonances. This was a nuisance I had with the Andro as they we're just TOO fast and sounded so odd next to the Atlas. The Andro always acted like it wanted everything to stop on a dime and not give harmonics enough time to keep doing their thing. The IO is guilty of this to an extent but not nearly bad as Andro.

    I actually think they do a good job of rendering the space of a venue or studio and give off a decent echo effect. I really think it's going to boil down to what genres of music you listen to really. With most modern music, I don't mind it at all. For blues and jazz, and some classical, its somewhat artificial sounding to an extent. Not the worst I've heard, but it gives an edge to certain vocals and instruments I can't quite unhear (eg Yo-Yo Ma playing cello or timpani drums lacking attack, etc.)
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  4. FactoryStock
    Careful there, they might actually grant that wish and name it CA Gargantua or something...
  5. Ziadax
    Call me a heretic but sometimes the surgical like accuracy of the Andros makes the timbre and overall sound feel a bit....artificial. IMO both the IO and Andros do have a tendency to make acoustic instruments and voices sometimes sound a little metallic due to boosted treble. The JVC Wood IEMs (FX850, FX1100,FW01) still hold my favorites for those genres. However most of the time I'm not really doing critical listening and I just like to plug them into something and let them run in the background while I'm doing work so it really doesn't bother me that much. It's only been about a day since I've gotten the IO's and I've already mostly adjusted to the relatively neutral/bass light signature.
    Last edited: May 1, 2019
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  6. Hageatama
    Relatively neutral? Bass-lite? Are we talking about a less-grainy, in-ear version of SHP-9500's?! :laughing::laughing::laughing:

    Seriously though, I'm kidding...
  7. jaydunndiddit
    Nah. I completely agree. It's the same reason I got rid of my Andro and Andro S. I had the exact same experience as you're describing. It was even worse with the lows in the Andro as they wanted to try and be warm, but lacked a natural timbre. I found them to be rough, somewhat grainy and lacked authority. I'm probably jaded as the Vega and Atlas have skewed my thoughts on a well done DD, but once you hear what they can do, it's hard to unhear and go back to anything else. I'm simplifying of course but this is becoming a sticking point with me nowadays. Maybe because DD IEMs are finally getting some proper love with good tuning and folks are realizing this.

    This is probably why I have been going down the hybrid camp so much these days as all BA setups constantly feel like something is lacking or off. Artificial and edgy are the best terms I can think of to describe most of them unless they're tuned for a dark signature (but that introduces a host of others issues I won't get into here, ha).
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  8. SilverLodestar
    The Andro S blows the IO away, but that’s to be expected. The Andro S is far more natural sounding with a more linear (and slightly warm) presentation. Vocals and instruments have much more body and presence to them, and the low-end is a lot beefier.
  9. SilverLodestar
    That’s the best way I can explain it lol. After listening to the Tanchjim Oxygen, the IO kinda sounds like listening to music with a cup over your ears. I’d totally beat you to the punch with that MD+ comparison if I still had them.

    I’m stoked for Infinite; it’s so close yet so far away!
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  10. Hageatama
    So, I had to A/B it right now, but yeah. The IO sounds plasticky when the rain is falling, I guess still like you hear it through a cup... The Plus on the other hand, so much more natural! When the thunder hits, it's like I'm in the storm, it's very thick and meaty! Maybe it's because the IO is lighter on the bass, but definitely, the IO is missing some of that visceral impact compared to the MD+

    *Edit:* I really ****ed up. The MD+ is better. In like, every way to my ears. I hadn't listened to my Plus since the IO came in, and now, I'm kinda disappointed. I actually might return the IO...

    *Edit 2:* Reasons appended to my OP
    Last edited: May 1, 2019
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  11. Toom
    Boom! Cheers. My wallet loves you.
  12. jaydunndiddit
    What sort of music do you listen to? I've only briefly gone back and forth between the IO and MD+ and admittedly, the IO shows a higher level of clarity across the board. The MD+ sounds slow and somewhat grainy/hazy by comparison. The IO seems brighter, faster, and more in your face. The MD+ sounds pretty laid back comparatively. I still like the sound of both, but the IO sounds noticeably sharper and cleaner when I was swapping back and forth.
  13. Hageatama
    I actually added my comparison to my Original Post. I listened to some tracks from a few different OSTs, though I enjoy some hip hop, classic rock, and jazz on occasion. I do agree that the IO is more resolving and faster, but unless I got a borked pair, the Plus seems to have the wider stage/deeper, more natural mids, more bass impact, and for my ears, the treble on the IO got a bit hot at times. Not all the time, but a couple times. The Plus has never done that to me. Maybe my pair is borked, because I thought the IO seemed, well plasticky, compared to the Plus, which just seemed natural AF...

    My IO didn't really seem in your face? I guess competent is the word I'd use to describe my IO? It sounded good, different but good. Better than the IE80, for sure, but back to back with the Plus, across a few different songs, I was a bit disappointed with my IO. Also, of course, sound is subjective and it's okay if we hear different things, I just wish I could verify what's happening. Maybe I got a Unicorn pair of MD+, or maybe I got a bad IO? Maybe my ear anatomy is just shaped for the Plus, or maybe that 3rd BA really makes a difference on the Plus.

    Any thoughts?
    Last edited: May 1, 2019
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  14. a-LeXx
    Anyone here with an SE846 who wouldn‘t mind to compare to IO? I never had a CA IEM, and those IOs look really sexy...
  15. Arthur Li
    Honestly speaking, while I love the aesthetics of the IO/new Polaris, I just don't get the new packaging & carrying cases' appeal. The old-style Campfire Audio packaging feels understated yet luxurious - it just convey a sleek, mature impression to the end-users. In contrast, the packaging of IO/new Polaris feels childish and clumsy - like packaging of Harry Porter's Jelly Belly Bean Boozled......overly fancy to a point of looking stupid. The new carrying cases, other the other hand, just look like women purses, especially in those bright red & blue. If I purchase the new earphones I would never take the new cases outdoor cause I would feel ashamed using something so feminine.
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