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Campfire Audio - Introducing 2 new models Hello Andromeda and Nova

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  1. bwardrop
    Which one fits the Andromeda? Want to try them, but not sure which ones to buy.
  2. rodel808
    Been thinking of getting the hulk cable as well. Could we see some pics of it on the AG please?
  3. cr3ativ3
    I use the ( old ) original spirals . Sounds great !
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  4. cwjohnsto
    For the gold, the standard set without the adapters will fit.
    But, they all use the same tips, just a different (or no) adapter. So if you think it between two of the sizes get the smaller size and you can choose not to set the adapter in the tip if it doesn't fit. Nice and easy! I actually got the adapter for when I want to try them on other IEMs too.
  5. cwjohnsto
    I'll get some this weekend while I am home and respond with them! I can't promise they will be on par with some of the beautifully edited shots on here though, but I will do my best!!
    Spoiler: Hulk looks great on black/gold headphones.
  6. mashuto
    Its not too bulky? That is sort of my big concern with the hulk. It looks like kind of a massive cable. And I assume it has no molded ear guides, so does it stay over the ear well? I have found a lot of cables without any kind of ear guides just dont sit very well on the ear when worn up.

    Either way, count me as another who is very interested in that cable.

    Edit: Nevermind, it definitely does look like it has molded ear guides... so I guess the question would it be worthwhile for other IEMs that I dont wear up...
    Last edited: Sep 27, 2019
  7. ExpatinJapan
    I’ll roll em out soon (after the weekend - kids time)

    The ++ brings up the mids a bit too much. I’ll learn more once i swap between em.

    I like the ++ on the Andromeda green, they level out the Gold and muffled it too much.

    Zero-ing in on the perfect tips...
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  8. iMongui
    Yesterday I received my Symbio with foam and oh god, this is another level, it brings the Andro S to another universe, I just wondered why they are so hard, I thought that the would be more soft, maybe they can evolve to something more soft with the regular use? In any case, the sound its improved dramatically. And im waiting for an OCC 8 cores cable from Penon, its a worth
  9. Colors
    Oh yeah, Symbio W are a great combo for the Andros sonically and fit/isolation wise.

    Edit: Also, the more I listen to the Andro Gold, the more it’s growing on me. Its sound is kind of unique.
    Last edited: Sep 28, 2019
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  10. DunkFealer
    I've been tip rolling a bit lately between the Final Es, the JVC Spiral Dots, and the Symbio W Peels on my Andro Golds and have found the Symbios to work best for me. Great isolation and comfort. The sound is definitely different in a subtle way but I can't place my finger on how.

    Also been playing around with cables between smokey stock, super litz balanced and an RHA balanced cable I've got. This is all out of my AK100ii. Honestly I'm having a hard time discerning any difference here so I guess I shouldn't bother messing with that much more huh?
    Last edited: Sep 28, 2019
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  11. Colors
    Although initial listen and my usual test tracks did not immediately wow me as evidenced in my review, I’m increasing reaching for the Andromeda Gold and listening to them more and more.

    I find them very musically enjoyable despite not having the initial wow factor of the OG and its sparkly treble. The Andro Gold is actually very detailed but requires a little adaptation listening to its sound (brain burn in?). The details are there, you just have to focus a little more (the bass covers the other frequencies more). This makes them actually great from an enjoyment point of view as you can focus more on appreciating the music instead critically evaluating a track which some IEMs are great at but it becomes very fatiguing over long listens. The Andro Gold do not have this problem.

    After spending a good amount of time with these, I’d like to revise my review as follows:

    • very wide soundstage and excellent placement of instruments and sounds
    • Amazing bass detail and layers
    • Very nicely and accurately placed vocals
    • Non-fatiguing treble
    • Some of the best comfort, fit and isolation I’ve worn
    • Stellar coherency between the L/R, no phasing, flawless channel matching
    • missing the sparkly treble of OG
    • Can get a little overwhelmed on extremely fast and congested tracks (must be the lack of crossovers)
    • Imaging is not the sharpest or most vivid, but still up there
    It’s probably closer to a 8.75/10 than 8/10 for me actually (OG being 9/10).

    These are keepers!
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  12. mashuto
    Thanks for the impressions and updates. I actually approached them from a very different perspective but have kind of ended up feeling similarly to you. For me, I come from mostly DD iems as I normally prefer the bass presentation and how you get much more sense of physicality from bass with them. I was also coming from the Atlas as my main IEM which in addition to having the physicality just has a massive amount of bass anyways. So for me the golds actually felt quite a bit sparkly, but lacking in the low end (even with the 4 bass drivers). I have never heard the OG andromeda so I cant relaly compare the treble, but the treble on the golds has lots of detail and air for me. And in the end, I find myself reaching for them more and more as its just a very very enjoyable listen.
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  13. Colors
    Oh, I used to own the Atlas too. Let’s not compare essentially sub-woofer like sounds with a multi-driver BA bass. It’s not going to end up well =P

    The positive side like as you mentioned is that the AG should have much more treble extension than the Atlas which seems to have a boosted lower treble, but weak extension after. The Atlas has a very aggressively V-shape and epic sound but the AG should be a little more balanced with its lifted mids and extended treble. Should be more versatile.
  14. mashuto
    Don't get me wrong, I went into the golds full well knowing that BA bass will never be the same as something like the atlas. Still didn't really change that I felt bass was quite lacking at first. Even on some of the more "balanced" dd or hybrid iems I have, bass is just usually a different animal, even when its not boosted to extreme levels. And I guess for me its more than when I listen to something like the atlas, it brings out bass in any song, even songs that really dont emphasize it. Where as with the golds, if the song doesnt emphasize it, then its just not really there. On songs that are bassier, bass is absolutely present and likely still boosted on the golds. Just not quite the same experience. And again, I went into it full well knowing that. Likely just an issue of adjustment given what I normally listen to.

    On pretty much everything else though, I think the golds are likely better. Its not the same epic sound as you say, but treble is more detailed without feeling artificially boosted, mids and vocals are very forward and nice. And yes, the golds are likely overall a more versatile IEM.

    And regardless, they have been a very very enjoyable listen. And surprisingly comfortable, which was a worry of mine since I had some fit issues with the polaris v1.
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  15. Colors
    It’s ok to have both :) I do too :wink:

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