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Campfire Audio - Introducing 2 new models Hello Andromeda and Nova

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  1. mattiav
    Honestly, I think the AAA789 is overkill for the Andromeda - it’s not something that needs that much power...
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  2. ilovetoys
    I love what I'm hearing from the d50s/atom so it's not like I believe I need it. Think I got a case of the FOMO since I have someone pretty much forcing the box on me.
  3. ExpatinJapan

    Morning coffee and trying the SXC-8 cable with the CA-A-Gold.

    Still tip rolling, moved to Symbio Mandarine W Peel, will swap back soon to the Acoustune 08 again (shown) and then the Spiral Dots ++ as i narrow down the best somic match/experience.

    *iBasso DX220, amp 8, ALO Audio SXC-8 cable, Campfire Audio Andromeda Gold with Acoustune tips
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  4. cr3ativ3
    I think spiral dots are the best match , same for Solaris :)
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  5. bwardrop
    Well, I've had my Golds for about a week now. When I first got them I was a little disappointed. I'm coming up from the Polaris 2 and while they were better, they did not seem $800 better. But I decided to hold off returning them and give them a little time and I'm glad I did. These were an impulse buy right before they sold out so I told myself they better justify the big hit to my credit card or they would be going back. As I've spent time with them they have really come alive.

    The sound stage is amazing, even compared to CA standards. They have the most precise imaging I've ever heard and that has pretty much sealed the deal for me. I do miss the dynamic punch from the Polaris 2, but as I have a Chord Mojo I was able to A/B them out of the two outputs and the AG's are just so much more detailed and revealing.

    The AGs also handle every genre I throw at them, while the Polaris 2 really shine with modern music, rap and electronica. But the AGs do very well with those genres. The extra detail and rich mids make up for the loss of dynamic thump. I just listened to The Wall and was floored by how good it was.

    I still plan tip roll. I used the comply tips, and they sounded great but got uncomfortable pretty quick. I'm using Sprial Dots. Strange thing to note: I prefer the mediums on the Polaris, but like the Medium/Large with the AG. Same nozzle size I believe so I find it really strange but there it is.

    At the end of the day I think the reason they are staying is they just keep getting better the more I listen to them. They also play better with my iPad which has a headphone jack. They sounded like utter trash on my iPhone 7 Plus with the dongle at anything more than 2/3 volume.

    So I'll keep these at home and use my Novas on the go and for gaming. The Polaris will have to go to help pay for the Golds. Hit me up with any questions but understand I don't have ears as good as you folks.
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  6. mashuto
    Interesting comparisons, thanks for sharing your thoughts. I had somewhat similar feelings as you. I haven't heard the polaris v2, but I own the v1, and am coming from both the vega (which I have since sold) and the atlas. So that was sort of my reference point. Never really jumped on board the andromedas because I just found myself really enamored with what a good DD could do for the bass. So when I heard there was an andromeda with more punch and more bass I jumped on board, also relatively close to when they went out of stock from campfire.

    And like you, I was a bit disappointed at first. Bass is definitely present, but its just not that visceral type of bass you can get from a DD. Its sort of the difference between just hearing it, but not also feeling it. I still find myself wishing for more rumble, but I agree, everything else is just really addictive, and I find myself reaching for them quite often as the way they present everything else is just really nice, and not like anything I am used to listening to. I have heard they dont quite have the same sparkle as the original andromedas, but compared to what I have listened to, they definitely sparkle. Vocals are really nice, and its just overall a really pleasing sound.

    Will also likely do some more tip rolling, but so far the final e tips have been my best bet. I did pick up some acoustune aet 07 and aet 08 tips, with the latter supposed to be bass focused tips. Just unfortunate that theres no inbetween size between medium and large. Also tried out spiral dot ++, but actually found the sound slightly more pleasing on the final tips. May continue doing more tip rolling soon.
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  7. Colors
    They’re here!


    Running them through my test playlist.

    Also, fun pic:

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  8. Colors
    Ran through my usual test playlist. I’ll probably need more time with them but here’s what I think:

    Bass: Andro Gold (way better slam)
    Mids: Andro OG (OG = butter, Gold = average)
    Treble: Andro OG (OG = sparkles, Gold = average)
    Soundstage (H/D/W): Andro OG (layers and depth for days. Gold = above avg)
    Imaging: Andro OG (OG = a little dark)
    Separation: Same
    Timbre: Andro OG (feels more real)
    Tonality: Same (both are nice)
    Dynamics: Andro OG (OG’s range is better)
    Fit and Comfort: Andro Gold (Gold wins by a landslide)
    Isolation: Andro Gold (deeper insertion and more bass = better isolation)

    Preference: Andro OG > Andro S > Andro Gold

    Test Tracks: No Surprises (male vocals, tonality, treble extension), Certain Romance (bass/bass congestion), Gypsy (stage/female vocals), Burn the Witch (congestion), Stairway to Heaven (stage/imaging), Dreams (timbre), Don’t Know Why (timbre, female vocals), The Force (mids), If You Could Read My Mind (male vocals, dynamics), Genie in a Bottle (female vocals, dynamics), Hotel California (congestion, timbre, imaging, dynamics), My Heart Will Go On (female vocals, stage)

    • comfort and fit
    • female vocals (are nicely lifted)
    • soundstage is wide
    • bass guitars have a nice reverb
    • male vocals sound a little weak
    • imaging is a little weak
    • treble extension is not as nice as OG
    • mids lack depth compared to OG
    Conclusion: Andro Gold seem to be nice if you like to listen to female vocals with a nice stage and punchy bass. Otherwise, I’d go with OG.

    Rating: 8/10 (OG is 9/10).
    Last edited: Sep 25, 2019
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  9. cr3ativ3
    Isn’t the fit the same as OG v3 ?
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  10. twiceboss
    totally different. Andro Green has shallow nozzle.
  11. Tristy
    Now if only Campfire released an OG Andromeda with an updated / longer nozzle that isn't a condensation magnet :grin: v4 anyone? haha I'm not going to hold my breath....
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  12. ilovetoys
    I've been trying to get ALO to answer me for days so maybe someone here can answer if any of their IEM cables are longer than the stock CA cables?
  13. cwjohnsto
    I've had the Andro Gold now for about 2 weeks. Just swapped out to Symbio tips with the foam.
    WOW, I can't believe how much better these sound now. Much more low end oomph without killing the treble.
    I would recommend trying these to anyone tip rolling.

    I've also swapped the cable to a Dunu Hulk (I can switch from 3.5 to 4.4 depending on source without killing the connectors). Much heavier than the stock smoky litz, but a fantastically made cable and beautiful too!
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  14. cr3ativ3
    Andro Gold are a very good match for most types of metal :) really enjoy them , at the moment with spiral dots and Fiio lc 4.4D pure silver -> cowon plenue L
  15. ExpatinJapan
    On the Acoustune 08, final audio (stock) and symbio W peel (no foam) at the moment.

    Spiral dots are usually my go to for campfires. Not working here for me on the Gold (only tried the ++ not the original so far).
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