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Campfire Audio - Introducing 2 new models Hello Andromeda and Nova

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  1. ColonelForbin
    I've got the same rig minus the IEMatch.

    Do you think the combo is worth it if I don't already own an IEMatch?

    Do you always use it?
  2. Colors
    I definitely think it’s worth it. The hissing is quite obvious without iEMatch. It’ll work well with anything <16 ohm for impedance.
  3. Vu Chau
    Long time lurker here and first timer to the IEM world. The Andromeda seems great so I pulled the trigger last week. Anyway, the online customer experience with Campfire Audio has been strange. After I placed the order directly from Campfire, the Andromeda listing immediately said "available on backorder". It's been half a week (in terms of business days) and the Andromeda still hasn't been shipped (I already picked overnight delivery whenever they ship it) - I keep tracking and it says "Processing" :triportsad: Finally I got a hold of someone there and was basically told any backordered item takes about a month to stock up, without having a hint if my order was the backordered one. Hoping it gets better from here.
  4. Colors
    That really sucks :frowning2: I wonder why Andromedas would be on backorder tho...they’re so popular they should be dedicating most of their resources to producing them = $$$. Probably the best seller in the CA lineup. Comets would be second if I had to guess.
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  5. theveterans
    Switching to stock CA Silicone tips from Symbio W for best comfort and a little bit more neutral sound where mids are lifted due to slightly less bass presence. I'm actually loving this more neutral signature.

    Currently listening to Weyes Blood - "Andromeda" befitting the name CA Andromeda

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  6. Chiyo
    Is it normal for some water vapor (or was it sweat?) to form on the nozzles after wearing it for 30 or more minutes?
  7. theveterans
    It does happen to mine but I usually let it evaporate on its own. I don't think the water condenses inside the TAEC chamber of the Andromeda
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  8. Mirimar
    Deleted (wrong thread)
    Last edited: Aug 10, 2019
  9. Chiyo
    I’m going to use this for my daily commute. Thinking about running the cable under my shirt and out my back, then hanging the Andromeda on my chest when I’m not using it — just like what musicians do with their CIEMs when they take it off while performing.

    Will the MMCX connectors hold? How much “pull” does it need before it detaches? It’s my first IEM that doesn’t use a 2-pin connector, so pardon me if I’m overly cautious.
    Last edited: Aug 8, 2019
  10. twiceboss
    yes they will hold. MMCX is actually even tighter than 2pin which i didnt like it that much. It's too hard to pull it off. Just note that, hanging andros like that can lead them to scratch.
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  11. twiceboss
    Is there anyone here experience with headphones.com? They suddenly become unresponsive. I email them 3 times after returning my Andros to get a follow up regarding the return process. They received my return more than a week already and still no update. I'm not that worry since i use a credit card to buy it. Even i paid everything, credit card has its own power to disputes any bad transaction. Kinda disappointed with headphones.com since they are really responsive before i bought anything from them...

    edit: today is my forth time emailing them and I know they read my emails since i have an extension showing when the other is reading your email. And yes, again, he reads my email about 10mins after I sent to them. Yet, no reply. Ignore. Wow headphones.com seriously? After all, I have all proofs for the disputes. It's even bad because they promise me to send an email whenever they received my package, and it was stated in the email they sent to me. Tomorrow is the 10-business-day since they received my parcel. No updates tomorrow meaning disputes. Headphones.com, if you read this. Please be responsible to your customer. Don't just be good during people wanna buy things and ignore whenever you received the money. Not professional.

    edit2: he got back to me and apologize for not responding to my email. They give me $150 gift card $$ im so touched with their effort to take care of their customer. Gosh. $150 is a lot. I guess i need to shop again from them :D andro gold? maybe not ca again...
    Last edited: Aug 9, 2019
  12. Dorick
    GarageBoy and rgutierr like this.
  13. orifiel
    New leap of faith.....
    I placed my order...
    Maybe the bridge between Solaris and Andromeda :ksc75smile:

    Please don’t dissapoint me mr Ken
    Aslshark likes this.
  14. Dorick
    Dang youre going to have the blue, S and now the gold... Andromeda collection

  15. twiceboss
    Will it be better bass control? If they do, it will solve my prob with andro since i cant my andros back then because of vocals has some thick weird feeling to it due to bass.
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