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Campfire Audio - Introducing 2 new models Hello Andromeda and Nova

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  1. AlanU
    audition the Andromeda's with a balanced cable and DAP that supports balanced output. The sound difference would be as if your using and entirely different set of IEM's.

    The 10 dollar lightening dongle has the dac built in the small cable. It's definitely not dynamic if you make different references to different source/amplification.
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  2. iMongui
    Today I received the SpinFit CP240 size M and oh god, the isolation its ****ing awesome, but I can notice that the sound changed, im not sure about but definitely the sound changes, in any case, im more than happy with the replacement, I would buy 1 more pair just to have

    EDIT: By the way, I noticed a monstrous improvement on soundstage, just for this its a worth to buy this tips if you want to improve your Andromedas, I would like to test them for few days more but im more more than happy, for me its a must
    Last edited: Jul 24, 2019
  3. Mirimar
    I agree - but the same dongle from iPhone X sounds significantly better than from iPod Touch 7th Gen. Doesn’t really make sense... but I’ve been listening to the same song all other things being equal and the iPhone X is more dynamic and the bass is much more impactful.

  4. Mirimar
    Any recommendations for a DAP where I can used a balanced cable with no hiss?
  5. liquidrats
    DX220. hehe
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  6. liquidrats
    I have moved from spiral to acoustune aet07 seems to have better isolation and tighter bass as well.
  7. theveterans
    Ear anatomy is really weird. I find the dongle’s bass impact too bloomy and blunt compared to the tight and punchy iPod Touch 7G. Also soundstage with the dongle is too closed-in whereas the iPod Touch 7G provides out the head staging and superior layering than the dongle. Then again, people’s unique ears and sound preferences are well varied that even at least professional reviews perceive Andromeda as not cohesive sounding.
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  8. Orl14
    Hey guys just got my andros, living in a tropical country I noticed some moisture/condensation buildup on the nozzles. Is that a concern?

    EDIT: nvm, search answered my questions lol
    Last edited: Jul 24, 2019
  9. Colors
    ...the Andromeda is pretty cohesive sounding...in fact, that’s why it’s so widely praised - cohesivensss despite strong extensions and separation.
  10. Mlaihk
    I am curious which review saying the Andros are not coherent sounding?
  11. djn04
    I'm using an iPhone 7 plus with the Dragonfly. Interesting about the iPod Touch 7G. I might try one out at the Apple store. I guess you're limited to 16/44 from the headphone out. What kind of battery life do you get out of the iPod Touch? Does the battery life change local vs streaming content?
  12. theveterans
    You can definitely try one. My sound preference with Andromeda is more of a neutral tonality, very punchy, tight and incredibly deep bass (for a BA) with natural sounding vocals and very expansive soundstage. If you’re used to 1 ohm or below OI sound from the Andromeda, you might find the iPod Touch 7G a bit leaner sounding than you’re used to. Then again, our ear anatomy is different and you might find that it doesn’t sound the way I describe it to you
  13. SilverEars
    Actually, near 0 ohm should provide more bass, but I've heard one of the generation of iPod touch and they tend to sound a bit leaner side than certain sources (and I found Apple phone/touch devices had this similar lean nature and more treble articulation, similar to Chines players). Chord might be similar despite being near 0 impedance as well. They tend to sound on the cooler side.
    Last edited: Jul 24, 2019
  14. Clemmaster
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  15. Colors
    Some unboxing pics of the new v3 Andro I just got:


    Going to give them a listen and post impressions.
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