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Campfire Audio - Introducing 2 new models Hello Andromeda and Nova

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  1. Colors
    I think the Andromeda is more refined overall, especially with soundstage and depth but the N5005 has its in-house sound which you like based on their target curves. So if you like the AKG buds, I think you’d like the N5005 too. It has really sweet vocals which I think are better than the Andromeda and its BT dongle is amazing while retaining the same SQ.

    EDIT: Also, I see you have the Andros + EX800T which are amazing combo for a collection :)

    On more Andromeda related news, my v3 is arriving this week so I’m quite excited and will post my impressions (compared to v2) and my other IEMs. I also got the Moondrop A8 as well and those would be an interesting comparison.
    Last edited: Jul 23, 2019
  2. twiceboss
    Yes, i still have my andro but i havent use it for weeks (i safely place it in its little green leather bag). I feel bad for andros fans but i dont prefer how it sounds. I will return it later next week. It is really nice green. Everything is perfect in term of sound. Too bad i dont prefer it. Listening to vocals songs do not give me the same feeling with HD800.

    Currently im using an AKG earbuds that comes with S10plus and didnt know that it has really really wide soundstage and pronounced vocals once you do eq it right. Amped it with XCAN, with symbio W tips, it feels amazing how close it sounds to my HD800.
    Last edited: Jul 23, 2019
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  3. AlanU
    It's a matter of preference.

    I own the HD800 and I honestly care little for the sound quality. Anemic and thin with shear high's and far from organic or holographic. I use it infrequently for watching movies on my computer. In order for me to tolerate the digititis sound I have to feed my Tube dac that costs triple of what I paid for the HD800. Mind you i'm only using a Burson Virtuoso for amplification. So far auditioning the HD800 I find it tolerable only with Tube gear.

    I actually prefer the cheap Hifiman HE560 for jazz vocals. The sound quality is more real to life organic. Meaty with holographic sound that is not hyper detailed like my HD800. This is how I enjoy the music as it's more closer to a intimate concert venue.

    I have my Adro's still even though I bought the Solaris. If someone wants to buy my andro's I'll let them go. I just let my 12yrs old daughter test out my andro's with her iphone 6sPlus using the final silicon plugs......LOL!! "Dad they sound better than my Iphone ear buds".

    I am considering on buying the brick......Kann cube as it's really a nice match with the andro's. The solaris truly match extremely well for my preference. I do not believe in EQ as I'm still somewhat of a hifi purest for my 2 channel gear.
  4. AlanU
    Interested to hear about the Moondrop A8. Fortunately there's a tonne of IEM's to play with. It's an enjoyable thing for me for my daily commute. Nothing beats 2 channel :)
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  5. twiceboss
    Honestly, im not a fan of stock HD800. It's really thin and shouty highs. With SDR mod, eq, it turns that it is my all time fav cans that i cant get with any other cans. This is due the soundstage. I cant eq soundstage with any other cans but i can eq HD800 to be a lil bit warmer and impactful bass. So yeah, my amp for HD800 itself is really warm sounding, a heron 5 which an amp sounds good with HD800 only so far ive tried. Really warm but with HD800, it neutralize it till it sounds calming to me.
  6. AlanU
    I've done the "mods" and I put it back to stock form. I actually decided to double up the foam inside the chamber. This muffles the high's while retaining majority of the sound stage. Vocals still have extreme clarity. Regardless of warm amp the HD800 has digitis. The cheap HE560 or even the higher end hifiman have a open soundstage while being holographic. This is something my HD800 cannot even match. The vocals have the emotional content that I will never hear from my HD800. My Tube Dac that cost under $5000 still doesn't make me happy with my HD800. I just hate selling things on the buy/sell.

    I'm not certain if you're using balanced cables for the Andro. If you are not using balanced cables you are missing and eliminating potential SQ. When I swapped the Adro with balanced Reference 8 cables and Fiio $140 dollar blanced cables to the Kann cube balanced output. It was a "What" moment. I cannot tolerate the Adro's with single ended cables.

    I'm willing to spend more on higher end IEM's that surpass the Solaris. I just feel it's a point of diminishing returns. I still appreciate the Adro's with balanced cables with even my A&K Norma SR15. The SR15 even sounds a tad anemic compared to the Kann cube.
  7. djn04
    I recently got back into the headphone game and just picked up a pair of andromedas. They're a nice upgrade on my old se535. I know folks have had trouble with sources and hissing. I just got the new Dragonfly Cobalt and there's no hiss. I know some folks are not high on the Dragonflies, but I'm liking what I hear out of my iPhone and Macbook streaming tidal.

    Thanks for all the tips and suggestions in this thread. I'm about to embark on some tip rolling.
  8. AlanU
    Awesome!! I haven't auditioned the cobalt yet. I think that's a great way to achieve versatility of using your iphone.
  9. theveterans
    Which iPhone are you using? If you're using the supplied 3.5mm lightning dongle, it sounds good already with that, but a proper 1-2ohm range will unlock Andromeda magic with incredible staging, layering and imaging. That's the difference between the iPod Touch 7G and the supplied lightning cable makes to my ears.
  10. SilverEars
    I find that Andro isolates quite highly using Spiral Dots with the size that fits me perfectly. It creates such a high seal that it's pretty much the level of Ety trip flanges for me. Also, since Andro has no vents, being sealed off. It's a wonder how much air is moved in the low-end with no vent, and using BA.
    Last edited: Jul 23, 2019
  11. theveterans
    I definitely agree. I use the Symbio W myself and that also gives perfect seal. However, I cannot use the Symbio W with the CA Vega because the drivers cannot move due to the pressure induced by perfect seal thus I have to resort to using the Marshmallow tips with them.
  12. SilverEars
    I turned mine into peel since the foam inside degraded over time (along with the fit). I think the foam really was the support to apply pressure on the silicone for tighter seal. Didn't find peel was effective as having foam for support.

    If you haven't done so, I recommend Spiral Dots if you are able to figure out your size. Somebody also recommended filling Spiral Dots with foam for even greater isolation, but I can't imagine better isolation though. I suspect I won't need the foam the way Spiral Dots seals in my ears. Spiral Dots are particular type of silicone material qualities that adhere's really well for me, creating a very good seal.

    I think if the source is strong enough, you can get even stronger bass impact out of the Andro. Of course you'd have to be careful with output impedance because it can bring out the high frequencies if too high, so close to 0 is ideal (although some think few more ohms would make it sound more leveled) for me at least if the source tighten the bass (vs warming it up to reduce clarity). I think the whole point of the drivers inside is to move more air in the low-end, and with BA, I want as much air moved and impact, so 0 ohms for me. I don't want puny bass like Ety's so called 'neutral.' lol. Dynamics enhances music listening experience.
    Last edited: Jul 24, 2019
  13. theveterans
    I actually have mine peeled too. Though I'm 100% happy with Symbio W as my tips, I'd definitely check out the Spiral Dots (++ or original?). Good thing is my ears are perfectly happy with Andromeda's sound out of the iPod Touch 7G. It's really easy to know if an IEM needs more power especially after using my iPod Touch as the only source to demo various IEMs at CanJam. It was the Jomo Quatre were the only IEM that sounded properly driven to my sound preferences. The rest of the IEMs from 64-Audio, Empire Ears and most of the Jomo Audio lineup needed a powerful DAC/amp like the Chord Hugo 2 to sound as "alive and full" as the Andromeda on the iPod Touch. Even the Solaris has a lot less bass impact and wooly extension than Andromeda's very tight, punchy bass response when driven by the iPod Touch 7G.
  14. Mirimar
    I am thinking to sell my iPod Touch 7th Generation because listening to the Andromeda’s out of both the 3.5mm jack and ORB Clear Force Lightning dongle, the sound is just flat and minimal dynamics and bass. When I listen from my iPhone X with the dongle the bass comes back and the dynamics are fantastic. I tested both with AIFF files loaded onto music.app but I really don’t see how there can be a difference considering (to my knowledge) if you plug a dongle into the lightning port on either, then the device is just acting as a transport. Makes me wonder if the iPhone X somehow offers more power than the iPod Touch but technically I don’t see how given the DAC and amp are in the dongle?
  15. Colors
    The output of the lightning dongle is very low. Of course it would sound more bassy haha.
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