Campfire Audio - Introducing 2 new models Hello Andromeda and Nova

  1. blazinblazin
    "Dead driver" happens when the condensation seeps into the bore. As long as you face the tips downwards after use or wipe it after use... it won't happen.

    I have one bag for each side of my Andro and had silica gel in each of them.
  2. Dogmatrix
    Because the Andromeda is metal it conducts more efficiently so cools the air in your ear canal causing the moisture saturation to rise then water will condense on the surface .
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  3. Gavin C4
    I think I got to go back and retake my science class in High school....
  4. ExpatinJapan

    I use this. Handy as it comes in a little container and one can microwave it to reset the silica.
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  5. KEV G
    I’m about to order the Ref 8 for my Andromeda from Campfire and wondering are there any Head-Fi discount codes available. Any of you guys have any info ? Thanks
  6. koven Contributor
    I doubt it.. they just had the Ref 8 for black friday sale $239. I'm using it with the Andro and I feel the improvement is noticeable. But the cable is a bit stiffer and microphonic compared to stock Litz though, it's manageable for me but a dealbreaker for some.
  7. KEV G
    Yep, I noticed that but thought I’d put the question out there, you never know!!
    Not too worried about the stiffness or microphonic side of the cable as I’m normally sat down chilling out when the Andro’s are in :L3000:
    I have the Ibasso CB13, which is a very nice cable but after 5 months it’s already oxidising. So hopefully the Ref 8 will fare better, judging by the build quality of the Andromeda and the supplied litz cable. Thanks for your help. :beerchug:
  8. blazinblazin
    So far my ref8 still as good as new.
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  9. LifeAspect
    Just got them today in my mailbox. Colour me impressed by the sound of these little things. I totally dig how clear the vocals are with jazz music and how open these in ears sound for being in ears.
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  10. haoyuan
    I was able to find a new REF 8 cable with 2.5mm and MMCX shipped to US for prices lower than US retail. Sounds shady but I do trust the seller so will update in a bit to see if it's the real deal.
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  11. faithguy19
    Yes. Please do. That is what I am looking for.
  12. KEV G
    At that price I think a lot of us will be interested :ksc75smile:
  13. haoyuan
    Just got in the mail the much cheaper than usual reference 8 cable I bought from overseas. So far I am convinced that they’re the real deal. I took some pics of it, can any keen eyes take a look?

    I compared it with the Litz cable and a lot of the details are the same.

    EBA54432-BBD8-40BE-855A-A8093BF333FE.jpeg 7483807B-0AB9-44D3-9AED-2581603E9204.jpeg 88E68E63-E535-4DAE-B443-966B107457D7.jpeg 6FB312CE-0DEA-4DA1-B1A9-6F5A95488859.jpeg ED7A45F3-97AE-4614-985C-D5F7940401ED.jpeg
  14. ldo77
    I have got my white andromeda for a couple of weeks, and I can say that with the aune M1S, it sounds great
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  15. KEV G
    I haven’t got the Ref 8 yet, I also have the litz cable that came with the Andromeda and looking at your pictures, I’d agree. Even the memory wire looks the same.

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