Campfire Audio - Introducing 2 new models Hello Andromeda and Nova

  1. dannyvstheworld
    I am paring iFi iEMatch with Mojo now. I can confirm it eliminates the hisses. The 2 output impedance options are 1 ohms and 2.5 ohms respectively. I use the 2.5 ohms setting which lessens the bass a bit and makes Mojo more balanced in my opinion.
  2. Gavin C4
    Yes, the Andromeda is extremely sensitive to hiss. It is a very good idea to get an iFi iematch. I got one too and it does it job as advertized. At the same time, the two choices of output impedance can actually acts as a switch for you to change the sound signature. On the 1omh selection, the Andro will have more bass and thicker mids. On the 2.5 omh settings, Andromeda will sound thinner, female vocal will be brighter.
  3. teainhaler
    Does the iFi IEMatch reduce dynamic range or make the sound worse in any way? Does it act as a perfect "attentuator"?
  4. phiemon
    Hi, did you find this answer? I'm looking for the lightning cable too.
  5. skyline385
    So i was cleaning my new B-stock Andromedas which i bought during the Black Friday sale and noticed that while the left IEM has a perfectly square opening inside the resonating chamber, the right IEM has a triangle shaped one with some whitish solid blocking it i think. I tried removing it with the cleaner they provided but it's attached to the opening quite stiffly and i don't want to risk damaging the insides. Can someone clarify if this affects the sound quality and if i can have a case here for B-stock limited warranty with Alo Audio?
  6. Gavin C4
    iFiIEMATCH bring more good than bad as it removed the hiss and the music sound just as good.
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  7. Gavin C4
    For your information, my pair has a square opening on both sides. Not really sure about your case of having a triangle... You may want to ask ALO for that. I thought B-stock are those that have cosmetic issues, but for your case, it seems more than that.
  8. skyline385
    Yea they clearly state that B-stock will have visual defects and mine has it in the form of two tiny grey-ish dots on the right IEM again. But this Bass port opening issue i just noticed when cleaning them today. I might have to call them up tomorrow for it.
  9. haoyuan

    Is it true hot glue is used inside the andromeda to secure the components? Guess I can’t take it into the sauna anymore.
  10. Gavin C4
    Holy, first time ever seen inside the Andromeda. Hope you can put it back on safely. So the White plastic is the TEAC sound shaping chamber.
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  11. dannyvstheworld
    Wow! The TEAC chamber is much smaller than I thought.

    BTW I remember there’s a manual in the box tells something about the safety temperature?
  12. haoyuan
    Probably when outside the temperature, the glue will melt, which will shift the BA units inside.
  13. bartzky
    Oh no! Please don't use your IEMs in the sauna. Balanced armature drivers are sensitive to both high temperatures and humidity. Taken from Knowles' guideline: "Most of Knowles’ products incorporate materials which should not be subjected to temperatures in excess of 63°C (145°F)."
    Humidity is dangerous for IEMs as well. Especially the Andromeda is sensitive as it's metal is usually cold and a good place for condensation. You don't want water inside your IEM and even less inside the BAs as they will start to corrode.

    PS: I wouldn't worry about the glue too much.
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  14. JustJoseph
    My earlier post saying that my earlier post got deleted because it contained references from a certain audiophile forum, got deleted. Anyone knows why that forum cannot be referenced? I cannot post its name if not it'll get deleted
  15. ncristia
    Nobody knows, last guy that asked gone missing.

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