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Cambridge meet impressions, 25 April 2015

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  1. FortisFlyer75
    Your memory is better than mine with names, your spot on Dillan : )
    Sorry for delayed response, been a mad busy week!...
    Would not dream of you having to lug around your beast of an amp around again! I would come up your way maybe some day to have the pleasure of your pimped HE6 set up again, just let us know if you do get a mini meet going when time comes ; )
    It's one thing listening to something but does not compare to having it in the mix with your own gear you already know very well although I am pretty sure the Hugo dac would compliment your current set up quite nicely indeed.  I don't think the Hugo is even going to compete current wise with your beasty amp on that side but add the dac with your amp and that would be a excellent combo.  
    I now use the MJ Speed Demon Nero remix as one of my gear tester tracks for the P.R.A.T side this track provides as well as testing how it deals with the top end on this song as it is difficult to for some gear to nail this song in that section. 
    Probably see you in August then and maybe chat about a future meet up one day, who knows if I win the Lotto between now and then you can listen to my Chord Dave!! 
  2. FortisFlyer75
    Sorry for posting these late after all the post meet excitement has died down a bit but thought I would post these anyway, usually I would take a ton of shots with more thought put into composition but time was going so fast I just took some casual point & shot quick shots in auto as my head was spinning with all the gear that was there to listen to! 
    Was still a great day to look back on, thanks again Andy & PedalHead for making it all happen in the first place...
  3. dill3000
    Hi FortisFlyer75 - nice pics by the way. Yeah a mini meet would be cool whenever we are free. I'm cool with having a mini meet at mine one weekend, there's plenty of space for a few of us to come down and setup :) or if it was held somewhere else it would be cool also. We'll see if there's anything thing is happening before August if not we'll discuss at the next meet :)
  4. pedalhead Contributor
    I reckon you've already taken one for the team by hauling your gear to the Cambridge meet, mate.  I'm sure we can come to you next time [​IMG].
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  5. smial1966
    Just received this photo of Fried Reim (CEO of Lake People) wearing a meet T-shirt. Fried sent over a maxed out V281 for demo at the event and I returned it with the garment as a thank you. He seems pretty pleased! [​IMG]
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  6. smial1966
    Posting this now as I've only just been informed that this article was online -


    - it's gratifying to know that the monies we raised are being put to excellent use.

    Due to UK Head-Fi meet attendees raffle ticket purchases and manufacturers who kindly donated items to our charity raffles, we've now raised £2,500 for the CDA during the 2012 and 2015 events. Great work everyone. :D
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  7. dill3000
    That is good news :)
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  8. crashtest33
    Bit of a bump here but is anyone in the Cambridge area interested in getting together again anytime soon?
    I'm in Buntingford down the A10 and I am definitely alone here. Would be great to have a beer with some fello headphone/hi-fi/home cinema audiophiles.
    PM me and we can start a meet thread!
  9. Takeanidea
    I'm only 4 and a half hours away so I'm interested!
  10. crashtest33
    That's practically Scotland!! Lol
  11. Takeanidea
    It's the other way - Cornwall
  12. crashtest33
    Have you not got any head-fi'ers closer to home?!
  13. Takeanidea
    Of course! am at a micro meet in Southampton as we speak!
  14. crashtest33
    Now you tell me!! Lol
  15. glassmonkey
    Andy, @smial1966, is in the Cambridge area, and I think a couple other head-fiers are. I'm in Southampton, and always keen to meet new people. I'm also interested in cables, so we should talk. :)
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