Cables above L/R split too long on Denon C710
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Dec 22, 2006
I recently got the C710 as a replacement for my dead C700.  The cable on the C710, as has been mentioned many times already is quite flimsy which I do not mind as long as it's working.  However what I do mind is the fact that the left/right split is very low (around my belly button and I am 6'2"!)  which means I have to deal with 2 longish cables (I do not need the extension cable).  There is a even flimsier chin slider which does not stay in place most of the time.  So I was wondering if I could glue together the cables for most of the way up to my chin - could look a bit messy?  I tried tying the cables with some thread but it loosens after a while so that doesn't work so well.   Any advice would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.
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I am not much of a DIY person....would you mind to expand on your suggestions with brief explanation on what I need to do.  Thanks.

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