1. MrFaust

    Compare Denon AH-C700 or AH-C751 to Grado IEMs

    If you have experience with either of the Denons and the Grados, please let me know how they compare. I use to own a pair of Denon AH-C700's and I loved them. Unfortunately they broke a couple years ago and I am having no luck finding a replacement pair. At least not for a decent price.They...
  2. ilreceiver

    HD650 or K7xx

    Hi all,   I'm fortunately enough to participate in both mass drop k7xx as well as the adorama HD650 for 315. I think I'll only keep one headphone though...   This will be my first foray into high-end open headphones, coming from se535 and ah-M50.   What do you guys think?   I bet both...
  3. HeadphoneAddict

    Synergy between Portable Amps and IEMs - 9 IEM compared with 9 portable amps = 81 chances to mess up!

    [See the end for an update on 8/2/08] PROLOGUE: The other day I was re-listening to the 5 pro that I originally got for my daughter, which she had traded back to me for my JVC FX66 Air Cushions. The sounded much worse than I remembered from the last time I listened. I...
  4. vkvedam

    Sennheiser CX500 Titanium

    Hi All, I have just checked Sennheiser's UK website recently and came across these newbies. Has anyone tried them or seen them anywhere. I am just thinking how would they rake up against Denon's C700. Has anyone got any views or any impressions.
  5. HeadphoneAddict

    REVIEW: WESTONE 3, the ULTIMATE UNIVERSAL IEM vs everything else

    I wanted everyone to know this review was out there and started it as a new thread so it wouldn't be missed by those who haven't been following the latest IEM news. The currently most active Westone 3 thread is at the following link, and is required reading for those contemplating buying these...
  6. ashxcore

    Upgrading from Fischer Audio Eterna Rev 2.

    EDIT: Actually the thread is perhaps a misnomer. I'm not upgrading at all, but looking for a replacement.   I was lucky enough to own these once, but they died an untimely death. I loved the sound signature and the price point, but wondering if there is something similar on the market at a...
  7. punks15

    denon C700 / C751 question

    hello i'm planning to buy c751, i wonder if it sounds similar to d1000 / d1001 / CAL ? and i wonder will it scales up nicely if amped? thanks!
  8. ChroniCali

    Sennheiser IE7 Appreciation Thread ~~~

    Who else loves their IE7? I sure do! Soundstage is amazing and they are pretty forgiving on bad recordings... which I unfortunately have a lot of. The bass is very present yet very punchy, but I do still need to EQ up the bass and treble. The warm sound signature makes me happy, I am starting...
  9. mcdj

    The Klipsch x10i appreciation thread.

    Just thought I'd try to gather some x10i fans. Detractors are welcome too...just make sure you have some nice alternatives to offer up! I haven't spent a million bucks on IEMs. No customs. No triple armatures. But I have made what I feel is a logical progression, from earbud noob to junior...
  10. sebhuber

    Head-Direct RE0 Appreciation Thread

    Hello everyone, I thought it was time for the RE0 to receive its own appreciation thread. I hope to get some opinions on tips, genres and sources. In my opinion the RE0 is awesome in particular the smoothness/detail combination. Artists like: Bob Dylan, Steely Dan and CCR sound great. I...
  11. voicemaster

    Shipping time range on

    Hi, Yesterday, I bought a Sunrise SW-Xcape from Bugdenaudio for no reason lol (totally impulse buy) and I am wondering how long do they usually take to ship the IEM to USA? I have never bought from them before and just want to know the time range they shipped their IEM from Canada.   Thank you
  12. Francisco

    Denon AH-C700 or Fischer Audio Eterna? (each for 70$, 50 euro)

    Same old question, different intervenients: Denon AH-C700 or Fischer Audio Eterna (each for 70$, 50 euro), which one would you buy?   I tend to prefer a warm sound with detailed voices and high frequencies.   I usually listen to these genres:            ...
  13. youngsm10

    Please help, I think I am going mad

    Hello folks, I never thought I would write apost like this but I'm starting to get desperate. Let me explain. Over the last two years I have owned or tested so many IEMs you would not believe, only to find that none of them were right for me in one way or another. I am starting to think I will...
  14. Starsky5000

    Denon AH-C700 or Denon AH-C751...Whats the Difference & Which One Should I Get?

  15. suba3333

    Cables above L/R split too long on Denon C710

    I recently got the C710 as a replacement for my dead C700.  The cable on the C710, as has been mentioned many times already is quite flimsy which I do not mind as long as it's working.  However what I do mind is the fact that the left/right split is very low (around my belly button and I am...
  16. HeadphoneAddict

    REVIEW: Nuforce NE-7M iPhone IEM vs Denon C700 and Klipsch Image X10 (NE-8 Impressions Added 1/15/09)

    I posted much of this in another thread that was started in July before these were released, but I have done more listening and impressions with the Denon C700 and Image vs these IEM which will be found in the final section below. FIRST IMPRESSIONS 11/13/08 right out of the box, about 2PM...
  17. Denon AH-C700K Reference Audio In-Ear Headphones (Black)

    Denon AH-C700K Reference Audio In-Ear Headphones (Black)

    The ear-bud headphones for audio enthusiasts - from Denon. The AH-C700 offer a machined aluminum housing and plug designed to reproduce unprecedented sound dynamics. They also feature Denon's exclusive Acoustic Opimizer which adjusts sound pressure balance in front and behind diaphragm to...