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Buying in Bangkok. Where?

  1. ads1107
    Hi all.

    Travelling to Bangkok in the next few weeks. I have been there before but it was quite a few years back and I didn't really look at electronics, audio etc. So I'm not sure of pricing and ranges.

    Any stores people can recommend I visit with a good range? Would be looking at BA or hybrid IEMs and possibly a new DAP. Depending on prices of course. Even if things in Bangkok are pricey, I'd still be keen to visit some stores, possibly demo some stuff.

    Thanks in advance :)
  2. nazrin313
    Go to jaben thailand at gateway akamai and mungkongagdet at paragon (3rd floor - i think)

    I was in bangkok december, in jaben you can demo jh audio13/16, vision ears stage2/3/4, fitear stuff and many more

    In paragon, akg3003, ultrasone and westone stuff
  3. kanth
     Mungkongagdet at 2nd floor Siam Paragon, 3rd floor Amarin Plaza and Jet Live Audio 2nd floor Exchange Tower Asoke . 
  4. JohannLiebert
    Jet Live Audio is pretty nice!
  5. zenpunk
    Just got back from Bangkok and the Mungkongadet at Amarin has a great selection of gear to sample, including demos of custom iems from Noble, UM and CanalWorks.
  6. Kunlun
    If you're willing to drive for a few hours, you could visit a certain Wizard...
  7. tangfj
    +1 for mungkongagdet at paragon. Was there last month and they had a very very good selection. Some of the stuff there may cost more than the US but at least you'll be able to audition everything you want.

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  8. ads1107
    Thanks for all the suggestions. Seems I have a few places to check out.

    I know this is the earphone section. But anyone know where I could find Sony players? Namely the f886.
  9. tangfj
    Hmmm don't know that player off hand but I know there is a big sony store in Siam paragon as well, not too far from mungkongadget if memory serves me right.

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  10. Jasper9395
    Pantip plaza. When I was in Thailand I took the chance to buy some Grados for a good price from there (they are way expensive in Europe!).
  11. mrhizzo
    Anyone know if I can make a custom in ear in Thailand?

    I know I can buy a JH13 Pro (for example) from Jetliveaudio, but it's not make there.
    Jetliveaudio ask for 2 months to make this custom earphone.

    I appreciate if someone can help. :p

    Sorry my bad english.
  12. nazrin313
    Go to jaben at gateway ekamai. They do, custom moldings if im not mistaken

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